Winning Numbers - March, 27th , 2015.

Today,Friday, 27th March we are playing on a week 13 book and we are playing on the Yellow section for a daily prize of €300 Todays numbers are: 41, 40, 35, 27, 10, 20, 77, 9, 58, 56. Next Weeks Jackpot  is 3,500
  • The numbers will be drawn first on The Breakfast Show every Monday to Friday at 08.50am
  • The numbers are repeated at: 10.50am, 12.20pm, 2.20pm, 5.20pm and 6.30pm.


From Monday December 1st the prize starts at €300. If the money is not won on a given day then it rolls over to the next day and so on until it is won. Each time the prize money is won it starts again at €300 the following day. There will be various other prizes and bonus games played at different times of the year.

Jackpot information

On Tuesday's the jackpot ball will be drawn on The Breakfast Show prior and will be called out on-air prior to the 10 daily numbers.  The Jackpot number will be then replaced for possible re-selection.  If the jackpot number is the 10th number called out from the daily numbers and you complete a panel, you are the winner of the jackpot prize.  If you fill a panel then you must ring the Shannonside Northern Sound Rehab Radio Bingo claim line before 7pm on 043 3349393.  If the jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the following week.  In the following week, the jackpot prize is won if the jackpot number is the 9th or 10th number and you complete a panel.  If the jackpot is still not won, it rolls over again and the number of options for you to match the jackpot number progressively increases as the weeks go by until the jackpot prize is won.  Please listen to Northern Sound for precise details. All participants are subject to the terms & conditions printed on the Rehab Radio Bingo book and to the rules of the Rehab Radio Bingo game which are posted at  

Claiming prize money

PLEASE only ring up to 7pm on the day the numbers are called and only once you have a full panel on the correct coloured panel for that day. The administrator will check your claim and if it is found to be valid you will be required to present your Rehab Radio Bingo book at Shannonside Northern Sound to claim your prize money. No claims will be taken after 7pm. [/tab]
  • Arva – Daly’s Daybreak, Keith’s Centra & ...

    Daly’s Daybreak, Arva Keith’s Centra, Arva Lynch’s Newsagents,

    Bailieboro – Smith’s, Sheridan’s, Texaco, ...

    Smith’s Stop & Shop Bailieboro, Sheridan’s Filling Station Bailieboro, Texaco Filling Station Bailieboro, Hall’s Newsagents Bailieboro, Clarke’s XL

    Ballinagh – Moore’s Spar & Costcutters

    Moore’s Spar, Ballinagh Costcutters,

    Ballybay – McDonald’s, Quinn’s & ...

    McDonald’s Newsagents Ballybay Quinn’s Newsagents, Ballybay Treanor’s Shop,

    Ballyconnell – Kennedy’s & Maguire’s Daybreak

    Kennedy’s, Ballyconnell Maguires Daybreak,

    Ballyhaise – Lee’s Gala & Donohoes Pub & Grocery

    Lee’s Gala, Ballyhaise Donohoes Pub & Grocery,

    Ballyjamesduff – Reilly’s Quickpick & ...

    Reilly’s Quickpick, Ballyjamesduff O’Reilly’s Gala,

    Ballyjamesduff – Skelly’s


    Bawnboy – Maguire’s


    Belturbet – Duffy’s Gala

    Duffy’s Gala,

    Butlersbridge – Foyne’s

    Foyne’s Grocery,

    Canningstown – McCabe’s PO & Grocery

    McCabe’s PO & Grocery, Canningstown, Co

    Carrickmacross – Keegan’s & Birdy’s

    Keegan’s, Carrickmacross Birdy’s Newsagents,

    Castleblaney – McConnon’s, Super Valu, McMahon’s, ...

    McConnon’s Castleblaney, Super Valu Castleblaney, McMahon’s Centra Main St Castleblaney, Breege’s Newsagents Castleblaney, Mulligan’s Castleblaney, St. Mary’s Nursing Home Castleblaney

    Cavan – Conaty’s Vivo, Black’s, Boylan’s ...

    Conaty’s Vivo, Black’s Newsagents, Boylan’s Spar, Londis, Kieran’s Service Station Dublin Road, Kiernan’s Service Station, Ballinagh Road,

    Clones – Matthews & Super Valu

    Matthews Newsagents, Clones Super Valu,

    Cootehill – Hannigan’s Grocery & M & J’s ...

    Hannigan’s Grocery Cootehill M & J’s Newsagents

    Corlough – Feehan’s

    Feehan’s Corlough,

    Crossdoney – Village Foodstore

    Village Foodstore,

    Drung – Denning’s Gala

    Denning’s Gala, Drung, Co

    Emyvale – McQuillan’s & McMahon’s

    McQuillan’s Stationery, Emyvale McMahon’s Spar,

    Killeshandra – Gray’s Gala & Owen’s Foodmarket

    Gray’s Gala, Killeshandra Owen’s Foodmarket,

    Killydoon – Lynch’s


    Killylough Tydavnet – Connolly’s

    Connolly’s, Killylough,

    Kilnaleck – Clarke’s Stop & Shop & ...

    Clarke’s Stop & Shop, Kilnaleck O’Reilly’s Grocery,

    Kingscourt – Pat’s Newsagents & Teresa’s ...

    Pat’s Newsagents, Kingscourt Teresa’s Newsagents,

    Latton – The Post Office

    Latton PO,

    Lavey – Gray’s Filling Station

    Gray’s Filling Station, Lavey, Co

    Monaghan – McConnon’s, Glennon’s, Matthew’s, ...

    McConnon’s Mace Monaghan, Glennon’s Spar Glen Road Monaghan, Matthews Newsagents Monaghan, The Plant Filling Station Monaghan, Sam’s Bridge Filling Station Monaghan, McCleary’s Londis Monaghan, McNally’s Filling Station Monaghan.

    Newbliss – Martin’s Londis

    Martin’s Londis,

    Redhills – O’Neill’s


    Rockcorry – Coyle’s Filling Station

    Coyle’s Filling Station

    Scotstown – McMahon’s & McAloon’s

    McMahon’s Centra, Scotstown, Co Monaghan. McAloon, Knockatallin,

    Shercock – Keenan’s & Duffy’s Costcutter

    Keenan’s Shercock, Duffy’s Costcutter

    Smithboro – The Service Station

    The Service station,

    Stradone – Brady’s PO & Grocery

    Brady’s PO & Grocery, The Cross,

    Swanlinbar – O’Reilly’s XL

    O’Reilly’s XL, Swanlinbar,

    Swellan – XL


    Threemilehouse – Lynch’s & McEntee’s

    Lynch’s Threemilehouse McEntees,

    Tullyvin – Post Office

    Tullyvin Post

    Virginia – Costcutters & McEvoy’s Eurospar

    Costcutters Virginia, Virginia McEvoy’s Eurospar,

  • How to play

    Purchase your REHAB RADIO BINGO BOOK from any of the participating stores. Each book has five play areas - one for each day, Monday to Friday.  Each day/play area is colour coded.  You will be informed what colour play area you should be playing when the numbers are called out. Each play area has three panels with 15 numbers on each panel. Below the panels, you will find 45 start-up numbers.  You should mark these off against the numbers which you have been given on the three coloured page for that day.  In addition to the 45 start-up numbers, the radio station will draw an additional 10 numbers daily.  If you fill a panel from the 10 numbers called out on air then you are a daily winner – bear in mind that there might be more than one person who fills a panel each day in which case you will share in the prize money.
  • Terms & Conditions

    Rehab Radio Bingo Books are identified with the date of the week in which the Rehab Radio Bingo game is played and a week number which runs from week 1 to week 52.  The relevant week number for each particular week in which the Rehab Radio bingo game is played is announced on Shannonside Northern Sound. The onus is on the player to check that they have purchased the correct Rehab Radio bingo book containing the week number which has been announced on Shannonside Northern Sound.  Rehab or Shannonside Northern Sound has no responsibility to anyone who has been sold an incorrect Rehab Radio Bingo book. The daily prize in the Rehab Radio Bingo game is €300.  In the event of there being more than one claim on any one day, the daily prize of €300 will be divided equally between all claimants.  Unclaimed prize money in any one day will roll over to the following day. The weekly jackpot prize in this Rehab Radio Bingo game starts at €3,000 and increases by €500 each week for as many weeks as is decided by Rehab. To make a prize claim; please call the claim line on 043 33 49393 up to 7pm on the day on which the numbers are announced and follow the instructions given.  No claims will be valid after 7pm on the day on which the numbers are announced. Players are required to present their winning Rehab Radio Bingo book in person at the radio station or by sending it by registering post to Shannonside Northern Sound, Master Tech Business Park, Athlone Road, Longford.  All claims must be made on a Rehab Radio bingo book which is complete and totally intact.  Otherwise, the claim is void. In accordance with the rules, all prize claims must satisfy Rehab's authentication and validation tests.  Rehab Radio Bingo books which are found to be defaced, or in any way interfered with, are void. Neither employees, nor their family members nor agents of Rehab or Shannonside Northern Sound are eligible to participate in Rehab Radio Bingo. Rehab reserves the right to use winner's names for publicity purposes. Players are bound by these terms and conditions of Rehab Radio Bingo and the rules of the Rehab Radio Bingo games which are posted at Proceeds from Rehab Radio bingo are for Rehab's charitable purposes.  These purposes include the provision of health & social care, training & education, rehabilitation, employment and commercial services to people with disabilities, and those who are socially disadvantaged.  Carried out under licence issued by Longford District Court to Ollie Robinson, Highfield House, Knockloughlin, Co. Longford on behalf of Rehabcare.  
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