2,800 locally apply to have property tax payments deferred

Over 2,800 people have applied to have the property tax deferred due to income threshold in the Shannonside Northern Sound region.

Figures released by the Minister for Finance show that 832 people in Cavan have availed of the option not to pay the tax until their financial circumstances improve.

Homeowners can apply for deferral of the property tax under four separate headings: Income threshold, personal representatives of a deceased liable person, personal insolvency or Hardship grounds

Up to the beginning of December, provisional figures showed 832 owner-occupier’s gross income did not meet the standard required for their property.

The figure in Leitrim was 322, in Longford it was 416 and in Monaghan it was 631 while Roscommon County council recorded 601 people looking to defer the payment.

Under personal insolvency deferrals, there was 15 provisional cases in Cavan, 11 in Leitrim, less than ten in Longford, and Monaghan and 11 in Roscommon.

Less than 10 people in each local authority secured financial hardship deferrals while in total there was just over 60 deferrals due to deceased liable persons

The deferred rax remains a charge on the property and must be paid before a transfer or sale is completed.

Interest is charged at 4 percent on the deferred amount per annum.