Almost 60% of businesses in Cavan may see rates decrease when new valuations are published

Almost 60% of businesses in Cavan may see their rates decrease when the new valuations are published on Tuesday.

This is the message from John O’ Sullivan from the Valuation Office, who was speaking at the latest Cavan County Council Meeting.

He stated that only 35- 40% of businesses in the county should see a rise in their rates under the re-valuation scheme.

The idea behind the re-valuation is to align properties and businesses rates based on their modern market valuation and trade, rather than the figures which they say are outdated for the current market.

However, councillors were sceptical of these percentages, stating that a number of businesses in their localities had received an increase.

The new valuation list will be issued next Tuesday, businesses will then have 28 days to appeal if necessary, and Cavan County Council will vote on the ARV at a meeting in November.