Are people Ballyjamesduff and Clones worried about losing their jobs to robots?

Two out of every five Irish jobs are at high risk of being replaced by machines.  A new UCC report has examined which towns are most of risk of automation. If you work in Edgeworthstown in Co Longford, Clones in Monaghan or Ballyjamesduff in Cavan then you’re most at risk of being replaced by a machine.

Office jobs, admin positions, process plant operators as well as jobs in agriculture are the most at risk of automation.  In order to figure out which towns were most likely to be taken over by robots, University College Cork looked at population, education levels, age demographics and the types of jobs that are in the area.

Jobs in education, the arts, media, culture related positions, social care and research and development were they least likely to be affected.  The towns that are least at risk are Bearna in Co. Galway, Strandhill in Sligo and Malahide in Dublin. These people in Ballyjamesduff gave us their views: