Tackling carbon emissions likened to challenge of getting the Troika out of Ireland

Tackling the country’s carbon emissions has been likened to the challenge to get the Troika out of Ireland after the bailout.

There’s been a broad welcome for the Climate Action Plan announced yesterday but questions have been raised about the provision of public transport, particularly for rural Ireland.The plan includes a number of measures including the banning of single use plastics, the phasing out of petrol and diesel cars, home retrofits and an increase in the carbon tax.

Speaking on The Wider View this afternoon, local Senator Joe O’Reilly welcomed the plan but said it’s an enormous challenge for Ireland:

Professor of Chemistry at University College Cork, John Sodeau also commended the government’s plan, but stated that while people in rural Ireland may have difficultly adapting to the changes, they still have to be made.

Speaking on the Joe Finnegan Show today, he said that if people in rural Ireland object to the construction of wind farms, then other types of power generation should be considered, including nuclear energy: