Cavan Fianna Fáil activist quits party claiming it’s a ‘dictatorship’

A Fianna Fáil activist from Cavan has said he’s resigning from the party because it’s a ‘dictatorship’ that’s “going nowhere”. Kristopher Shekleton has been a party activist for the last number of years but has been critical of the leadership within the party.

In a statement published today he described Fianna Fáil as a party that’s assisting and facilitating the government to implement bad policies that “are crucifying ordinary people” and driving them into poverty. In an interview with Northern Sound, he’s slammed Micheál Martin and his backroom staff for not listening to the party grassroots.

He also publicly criticised Micheál Martin’s stance in the abortion referendum earlier this year. Fianna Fáil is yet to respond to a request for comment. Kristopher Shekleton says Fianna Fáil is going nowhere: