Cavan Gardaí warn of increase in thefts from sheds and garages

Cavan Gardaí are urging people to be vigilant after an increase in the number of tool thefts in the region.

A Garda Spokesman says there’s been “a notable increase” in thefts of tools and gardening equipment, with sheds and garages being forced open in some cases.

People are asked to take note of serial numbers of tools and equipment, lock and secure all property and set alarms.

They’re urging people to contact their local Garda Station to report any suspicious activity, especially over the summer months when neighbours may be on holiday.

Garda tips to try to prevent thefts

  1. If you have an alarm make sure it works and use it.
  2. Ensure your bike , tools and gardening equipment are locked away using good quality locks and take photographs of all your property.
  3. Cancel any deliveries such as milk and make sure to notify your post office to hold your post
  4. Tell a trustworthy neighbour if you have plans to go on holidays.
  5. Notify your local Garda Station if you house is vacant for a period of time.
  6. Use a timer switch to have a light on at night to give the impression your home is occupied
  7. If you are going away for a length period over the summer have someone mow your lawns and keep your hedges trimmed as high hedges can restrict views and provide cover for thieves.
  8. Don’t post holiday photographs on social media until you are home.
  9. We would also encourage people to engage with their local community alert groups who can now borrow the property marking machines from both Monaghan and Cavan County Councils. These machines are capable of engraving your individual Eircode into your property making it less attractive for the thieves. It also makes it easier to re unite it with its owner if it is stolen. These machines are capable of marking anything from a mobile phone to an agricultural trailer.