Cavan and Monaghan have high number of undelivered Court summonses

Monaghan had the highest number of Court summonses for speeding offences that weren’t served on motorists between 2015 and 2016.

The figures from road safety group Parc show 61 per cent of summonses in Monaghan were not served, with Carrickmacross district having a higher figure of 63 per cent.

The figures show that an average of 55 per cent of motoring summonses weren’t served on drivers across Cavan and Monaghan.

The Irish Examiner today reports that 48 per cent of summonses in Cavan went undelivered, with Monaghan having the highest figure in the country with 61 per cent.

It’s believed the failure is due to drivers giving a false address or difficulties in delivering to apartment buildings and led to the offences being struck out by the presiding Judge.

Overall, just over 1,500 (1,554) speeding offences were listed in Cavan, with another 880 (876) in Monaghan.

The figures also show that another 61 per cent of local drivers’ licence numbers weren’t recorded after they were convicted – meaning the offences could not be recorded on the motorists’ licence.