City Council criticised for removing jackets left by Clones man for Dublin’s homeless

The Health Minister has criticised Dublin City Council for removing coats that had been left for homeless people on the Ha’penny Bridge.

Clones man Paddy Fryers began leaving the coats after seeing the same done in other cities.

He organised for collections of coats and jackets locally to be donated to the homeless and they were hung on the Ha’penny Bridge for anyone in need to take.

However, Dublin City Council came in for criticism after removing coats from the bridge over the weekend.

It said they were taken for health and safety reasons and to improve pedestrian flow.

Dublin City Council asks people not to hang clothes on the Ha’Penny Bridge for health & safety reasons- it reduces pedestrian flows & causes congestion on bridge.Please consider giving them to charity shops.Items collected by DCC will be redistributed via our homeless services

Health Minister Simon Harris joined in the criticism last night when he tweeted that the City Council “just don’t get it” and they “should work with well-intentioned people to make the idea work”.