Consultants’ group says pay increase would help tackle increasing waiting lists

Paycuts for consultants introduced during the recession need to be reversed in order to tackle growing waiting lists.

That’s according to the Irish Hospital Consultants Association which claims “discriminatory” pay scales are driving newly qualified consultants abroad.

The group says Ireland has one of the lowest number of Consultants in the EU.

IHCA Director Martin Varley explained more on The Wider View this afternoon:

The number of people waiting for outpatient appointments in local hospitals has risen by almost 12 per cent since the start of the year.

The latest data from the National Treatment Purchase Fund shows over 44,700 (44,748) people waiting at the end of August.

These figures show an increase of 11.6 per cent since January in the four local hospitals, Cavan, Drogheda, Navan and Sligo.

The majority are waiting in Sligo University Hospital with 16,600 (16,643) on the list there, followed by Our Lady of Lourdes in Drogheda with 13,300 (13,316).

Just under 7,800 (7,776) are waiting in Cavan General, with another 7,000 (7,013) in Our Lady’s Navan.

A breakdown of the data shows the number of people waiting more than 18 months for an appointment has risen by 15 per cent since January.

That figure now stands at 4,321 people between the four local hospitals.