Continued power disruptions in both Shercock and Cootehill due to Storm Brendan

Locally there are continued power disruptions in both Shercock and Cootehill.

While just under 100 customers are experiencing a loss of supply in the Lisdrum area.

Nationally ESB crews are working to restore power to 32 thousand homes and businesses this evening.

Storm Brendan has downed trees and power lines with gusts reaching 135 kilometres off the south coast.

At it’s worst, 48 thousand homes and business were without electricity, but that number has fallen to 32 thousand.

Those without power are being urged not to take matters into their own hands.

Met Eireann’s Head of Forecasting Evelyn Cusack says the storm was particularly harsh because the heavy rain came while wind speeds was peaking.

While Storm Brendan appears to have passed over most of the country, Met Eireann is warning that the North West can expect further orange and even red level gusts up until 7pm this evening.