Decision to grant Part VIII planning for social housing development in Cootehill deferred until meeting next Monday

A decision on whether to grant Part VIII planning to a social housing development in Cootehill has been deferred until a meeting on Monday, 7th December.

It had been due to be signed off at a recent Bailieborough-Cootehill MD meeting, but a decision has been delayed while the council examines an engineering report from residents concerned with the scheme.

The plans would see the new social housing development in Cootehill share an entrance with an existing estate.

Residents of the existing estate are opposed to this and say they have procured an engineering report which highlights three alternative options for a new entrance.

Councillor Aiden Fitzpatrick said a decision should be deferred until this report has been evaluated and that the Council should “dot the Is and cross the Ts” before committing to the project.

He added that while residents support social housing, it’s “not ideal to go through a private lane”.

Sarah O’Reilly also called for the residents to be given a right of reply in regards to their engineering report before a decision is made on the scheme.

Senior engineer John Wilson said he was open to looking at alternative proposals.

However, he told Councillors that he had already provided detailed plans and the outcome was unlikely to change.

Mr Wilson said he would endeavour to revise the resident’s report and issue a reply by Wednesday, to give them an opportunity to issue feedback on his decision ahead of the December 7th meeting.

A decision on the project is required by December 10th, but Councillor Fitzpatrick said “one more week might get it over the line”.