€10,000 allocated for design team to progress development of Peacelink in Clones

€10,000 has been allocated for the design team to progress the development of the Peacelink in Clones.

This week the members of the Ballybay Clones MD approved this allocation to allow the process move to the next stages.

Funding to facilitate the extension of the facility is being sought in order to submit an application to the Department again following an unsuccessful application in 2019.

The need for increased capacity has been highlighted by members of the community and the council has said they are committed to the project, which is estimated to cost in the region of €1.2 million.

The development will see improvements to the gym area, including changing rooms, a multipurpose area, physio room, and strength and conditioning units.

These strength and conditioning units are said to be crucial to attract elite athletes to the facility, something which was widely welcomed by all members of the Ballybay-Clones MD.

The question as to whether a swimming pool could be included in the plans was brought up by councillor Richard Truell however; he was told that it seems unlikely at this time as it is not included in the plans.

There is also a question as to whether the space is available for a pool.

€10,000 was approved by the members for the project to progress forward and try to once again secure funding.