Eirgrid-owned company hints at Direct Rule to speed up Interconnector construction

An Eirgrid-owned company is believed to be in talks with the British Government to fast-track the construction of the North-South Interconnector.

The Belfast Newsletter reports that System Operator for Northern Ireland (SONI) has been lobbying Westminster to potentially approve the cross-border electricity line through Direct Rule.


The construction of the Northern Ireland section of the North-South Interconnector has been delayed by the lack of a sitting government in Stormont, when a High Court ruled a civil servant couldn’t sign off on the project.

Speaking to Northern Sound, Political Editor with The Belfast Newsletter Sam McBride said SONI confirmed they are speaking to people in Westminster and elsewhere but declined to answer if they wanted Direct Rule to be implemented to have the line built.

He added that the fact SONI is owned by Eirgrid, and is putting forward a case for Direct Rule in a single instance, it raises further issues.