ELECTIONS 2019: Need for more mental health supports and criticism of FG calls for free WiFi in Dublin

In Friday’s election news

Sinn Féin’s Daniel Downey has called for more to be done to tackle mental health problems and suicide prevention.

The Cavan-Belturbet candidate says the funding allocation given to the sector and the lack of adequate staffing for services shows Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil don’t take the supports seriously.

He says it’s left to volunteers to fundraise for charities and other groups but that’s not good enough if the government doesn’t provide substantial funding.

He’s called for dedicated suicide prevention officers in each county, rather than the current set up with one officer covering Cavan and Monaghan.


EU Parliament candidate Brendan Smith has criticised calls for free WiFi to be provided in Dublin.

He’s said “it’s a bit rich” for Fine Gael to suggest EU funding should be used to provide the service, when people in rural Ireland are still going without any broadband.

The Cavan-Monaghan TD has said that if elected in the Midlands-North West constituency he’ll push for the EU to provide its promised support for the delivery of high speed connectivity across the continent.

He says that six per cent of rural Irish homes still do not have access basic fixed broadband and ultrafast broadband coverage in Ireland remains below the EU average.