ESB says it’s reducing numbers affected by planned works in Cavan and Monaghan

ESB Networks says it has reduced the number of customers impacted by planned works in Cavan and Monaghan over the coming weeks.

Cavan TD Pauline Tully recently raised concerns about ongoing works on the electricity network impacting on people working from home or isolating.

She said such works should be suspended until after the coronavirus pandemic has passed.

In a statement to Shannonside Northern Sound, ESB Networks said there are works planned for “vulnerable sections of network” in Cavan and Monaghan in the coming weeks.

It says the number of customers affected has been reduced significantly and the duration of the outages has been shortened.

Less than 100 customers will be affected at any time, for four hours rather than the usual eight.

A Spokesperson said they appreciate the disruption the works cause but they’re being undertaken to safeguard the electricity supply.

Statement from ESB Networks

Maintaining a secure and safe electricity network requires work to take place on a daily basis on our network. We are very conscious of making sure that we switch off power only when absolutely necessary.

There are a series of planned outages planned for the coming weeks in Co Monaghan and Co Cavan to repair vulnerable sections of network. Given the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis , the numbers of customers impacted as a result of each planned outage has been reduced to considerably smaller pockets (ie less than 100 at a time) and for a shorter duration (approximately four hours, compared to eight hour planned outages).

Similar work is taking place in other parts of the country.

 While we appreciate the disruption to family and commercial life at this challenging time, the work is being undertaken to safeguard security of supply and in the interests of public safety. The work will reduce considerably the risks of an unplanned outages on the network in both counties into the future.