Fianna Fáil are in strong shape to challenge in the Cavan – Monaghan Constituency and are aiming to be in Government following the next General Election.

That’s the view of local deputies Brendan Smith and Niamh Smyth who were selected last night to run for the party when the next election is called.


As expected Fianna Fáil will run two candidates as part of a gender balanced ticket in County Cavan in the next General Election.

In the running are Brendan Smith and Niamh Smyth, who were both elected to Dáil Éireann on the 10th count during the 2016 General Election.

Deputy Niamh Smyth says the party are aiming to be in Government after the next election and also believes whether in her party are in Government or on the opposition benches, it’s good to have a gender balance that creates a diversity of views.


Deputy Brendan Smith says the party came through a tough period after the 2016 General Election and he believes Fianna Fáil are in strong shape to fight to be in Government.


Meanwhile, Senator Robbie Gallagher was selected in March as the Fianna Fáil candidate to contest the next election in County Monaghan.

The Cavan – Monaghan constituency will return to a five seat electoral area after the constituency boundaries were readjusted.