Fianna Fáil Leader gives evidence at the Disclosures Tribunal

The Fianna Fail Leader says there were general rumours about Maurice McCabe circulating in Leinster House in 2014.

Michael Martin is the latest witness to give evidence before the Disclosures Tribunal, which is investigating if senior gardai made allegations to smear the gardai whistleblower. Michael Martin told the Disclosures Tribunal there were general rumours about Maurice McCabe circulating in 2014 in political and media circles.

He said there was an air of ‘be careful’ and that he wasn’t dealing with a person who was reliable. He said an allegation of sex abuse – which was false – was ‘floating in the ether’.
The Fianna Fail leader said he had met Maurice McCabe and he was taken by him in the first meeting. He said what the garda whistleblower was saying about allegations within the gardai wasn’t all bluster or talk, he had detail and was meticulous with chapter and verse.

Deputy Martin said he felt this guy should be believed and what he was saying was correct and stood up. The Fianna Fail leader said he also met Ms D – who was concerned her original complaint about Maurice McCabe – hadn’t been investigated properly.

Pat Rabbitte has told the Disclosures Tribunal his driver told him Maurice McCabe couldn’t be trusted. Pat Rabbitte says his driver, who was a former garda, told him his colleagues believed Maurice McCabe couldn’t be trusted with children. The driver denies he said this and says it’s upset his family deeply.