Former NYPD commissioner with Monaghan roots to head Covid-19 fight

A former NYPD Commissioner, with connections to the Shannonside Northern Sound region, is set for a return to the frontline to head New York City’s fight against coronavirus.

James O’Neill, whose grandfather was from Monaghan, also has roots in Longford on his mother’s side.

O’Neill joined the NYPD in 1983 and became Commissioner in 2016, making him the highest ranking cop in New York.

He resigned from the post at the beginning of last December, but is returning to serve as the city’s Covid-19 Senior Advisor.

New York is the epicentre of America’s coronavirus outbreak, with over two thousand four hundred deaths in the state.

O’Neil said that “while the toughest days of this crisis lie ahead, New Yorkers are resilient and will get through this”.