Former TD says Arlene Foster “has some cheek”

A former TD says Arlene Foster has “some cheek” lecturing Ireland on Brexit.

The DUP leader this week said Irish politicians were playing “Project Fear Mark Two” by raising concerns about the impact of a no deal Brexit.

An internal UK Civil Service document leaked yesterday predicts what a no-deal Brexit “could look like on the ground” in the first day, fortnight and month.

It shows concerns about “consumer panic”, “security gaps” and “law and order challenges” after Brexit. It’s looking more unlikely a deal can be agreed before the deadline of October 31st.

Speaking on The Joe Finnegan Show today, former Cavan-Monaghan TD Margaret Conlon hit out at the DUP leader:

The leaked documents show cross-border agriculture trade will be severely impacted on day one after Brexit.

It shows cross-border agri trade “virtually stops” immediately after the UK leaves the EU without a deal, which it’s expected would also have a serious impact on southern border counties.

The document has warned of “consumer panic” and the threat of food shortages.

The Government here recently published updated plans for a no deal Brexit but it’s standing firm on the Withdrawal Agreement and the border backstop.