GAA Recomends Fans Wear Face Masks To Club Games

The GAA have recommended that fans attending club championship should wear face masks.

The Leitrim club championship is set to begin on Saturday July 18 as it herald’s in a new Covid-19 era for GAA activity.

This evening the HQ issued guidance to county boards and clubs for the resumption of live championship action with games in the Republic of Ireland restricted to 200 people (teams, officials & fans) in attendance at games until July 20.

That limit will rise to 500 from July 20 with all games in Northern Ireland to take place behind closed doors until further notice.

Croke Park Outlined ticketing arrangements for clubs;

  • If a ground cannot be secured in such a way as to prevent surplus attendees (e.g. where a match is to be played in a public park, local authority pitch or an open space) and where large crowds/crowds of 200 or more can be reasonably anticipated an alternative venue should be considered
  • For games with an expected attendance of 200 or more it is recommended that entry should be by pre-paid ticket only (to include spectators and non-spectators and complementary)
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance of the game online or at a location away from the ground entry point if on the day sales are necessary
  • The ticket allocation for spectators must be determined from the maximum capacity of 500 minus the expected number of players, support staff, ground staff and volunteers, officials and all others present in a non-spectating capacity.

Croke Park recommends fans attending games should;

  • *All spectators should be encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser
  • *The use of face coverings is strongly advised for all patrons over the age of 13
  • *Spectators must not enter the field of play at any time including pre-match, at half-time and other intervals and after the final whistle or at end-of-match presentations

For Contact Tracing the GAA Advice;

  • Contact Tracing:
  • All practical measures should be taken to inform spectators attending to restrict contact with individuals and groups outside their own household once inside the ground e.g. through public announcements, signage and stewards.
  • Ground management will be responsible for the contact tracing records of staff, volunteers, players and officials. Ground management are not responsible for the contract tracing records of spectators
  • All third-party contractors and media must have their own contact tracing measures in place and avoid any close contact with spectators where possible