Gardaí not aware of any crime committed by man cable-tied at side of the road near Carrickmacross

Gardai say they’re not aware of any crime committed by a man who was left cable-tied at the side of the road near Carrickmacross.

The local Chief Superintendent says although there’s been spikes in certain crimes, it wrong to think Cavan and Monaghan had “gone bananas”.


A video circulated online last month depicting locals taking the law “into their own hands”.

It was claimed the man in the video was involved in incidents on both sides of the border.

Speaking at a Joint Policing Committee meeting, Superintendent Fergus Treanor said they weren’t aware of any crimes carried out by the individual.

There was however a rise in burglaries in the Monaghan District compared to Q3 of 2018, going from 12 to 37.

The incidents were linked to a cross-border gang, who its said are proving challenging to arrest because they use the border to evade authorities on both sides.

Chief Superintendent John O’Reilly said he’s confident the figure should fall in February.

The number of burglaries in Carrickmacross was up one on the same time last year, with Bailieborough and Cavan having reductions of two and ten respectively.

Bailieborough saw a large drop in thefts from vehicles, going from 18 to four, with Monaghan seeing an increase of eight, and Cavan and Carrickmacross remaining largely unchanged.

There was a spike in thefts from shops in Monaghan, which Chief Superintendent O’Reilly put down to repeated thefts of wine and Buckfast from a premises.

They each represent a value of only €2 to €5 but must be recorded as individual incidents.

He added there’s a perception created that the local region “has gone bananas”, but that does no service to the communities and it was part of his job to “dispel myths and untruths”.