Gardaí now allowed to give evidence at Northern Ireland Troubles inquests

Gardaí will be allowed to give evidence at inquests in Northern Ireland related to The Troubles. Legislation passed through the Oireachtas in recent days.

Until now, there was no legal basis for Gardaí to share information with any bodies outside of the state.

This meant they could not give evidence at inquests like that into the deaths of 10 people in the Kingsmill mass shooting.

However, no reciprocal arrangement has as of yet been put in place for information held by the British and Northern Ireland authorities.

Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan tabled an amendment calling on the UK authorities to put in place a similar arrangement.

Calls continue for files related to the Dublin and Monaghan bombings to be released in light of allegations of collusion between British forces and loyalist paramilitaries.

Local TD Brendan Smith says it’s unacceptable that people are still waiting for answers:

Separately, the Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said the investigation into the 1972 Belturbet bombing remains open but it’s unlikely there’ll be a successful prosecution.