GE2020: Get to know the Cavan-Monaghan candidates

Thirteen candidates are contesting the election in Cavan-Monaghan. Five seats are to be filled.

The constituency gains a seat with west Cavan moving from Sligo-Leitrim back to the Cavan-Monaghan constituency. Part of north Meath is also included.

Sinn Féin’s Caoimhghín Ó’Caoláin is the only local sitting TD not contesting the election. 

Profiles for the 13 candidates are listed below.



TP O’Reilly

Address:  Ardlow, Virginia, Co Cavan

Social Media Links 

Facebook – TPOReillyCavan

Instagram – TPOReillyCavan

Email: [email protected]

Party/Non Party:  Fine Gael 

Age:   45

Political Career/Involvement to date: Elected to Cavan to County Council in May 2019 as a first time candidate for the Ballyjamesduff Municipal District. I am a member of several committees including working the Local Community Development Committee, Local Action Group, The Joint Policing Committee and on the Board of three Special Policy Committees – Transport, Health & Environment.

Prior to my election to Cavan County Council I previously worked in the construction and agri sectors.

Occupation: County Councillor

Family Details: I come from a strong local family business and farming background. My family have run Lisgrey House for many decades and I have been living in the Virginia / Mullagh area all my life.

I am the 3rd child in a family of 6. My siblings are all living and working in County Cavan.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations: Member of IFA, Virginia Development Association, Virginia Show Committee & Ramor United GAA.

Why people should vote for you? I have committed myself fully to my role as County Councillor since May 2019. I bring experience, energy and a fresh perspective to politics.

What will you do if elected? 

First 100 days

  • To complete specific road safety measures which I have been campaigning for in my role as a Councillor.
  • To create awareness of the hidden potential of the Cavan Monaghan region.

poster-picture-4 DONT USE

Pauline Tully

Party/Non Party: Sinn Féin

Address: Kilderry, Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan

Facebook page: Pauline Tully:  pt4td

Age: 50

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Member of Sinn Fein since 1997

Sinn Fein Member of Cavan County Council  from 1999 until 2012.

Elected the first time I stood in 1999, re-elected in 2004 and again in 2009.

Occupation: Secondary School Teacher in Breifne College, Cavan.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations: Teacher’s Union of Ireland;

Crosserlough GFC; Kilnaleck Social Society. 

Election Priorities:


  • Increase the social housing stock
  • Reduce the spiralling costs of rents for all tenants


My priorities in health are to address the trolley crisis and reducing excessive waiting times and to do this we need to

  • Invest in recruiting more staff
  • Increase the capacity of the health service
  • Modernise the way we deal with waiting lists through the introduction of an integrated waiting list system


  • Increase Garda visibility
  • Increase community engagement with policing
  • Establishing rural crime task forces and all island policing co-operation


  • Investment in infrastructure
  • Prioritise a regionally balanced economy
  • Investment in the public transport network
  • Ensure farmers get a fair price for their produce
  • Ensure the North-South interconnector is undergrounded

I am also passionate about the environment and if elected will work to deliver policies which will address the climate emergency.

I will press for the needs and rights of people with disabilities.

I will give our older people the respect they deserve and my party in government would restore the pension age to 65.

As a teacher I would also work to address the teacher shortage and to bring about pay equality for teachers.

I will work every day to bring about a United Ireland based on equality.

Why people should vote for you? I was a very vocal and hard working representative on Cavan County Council. I am passionate about the community I come from and I have a strong track record of standing up for people who at one time or another were left without a voice.

I will always have Cavan’s best interest at heart.  Partition as well as successive urban focused governments have left rural counties like Cavan to stagnate. I will work every day to bring investment to this county and do my part to ensure that this county can reach its full potential.  I want to see more employment opportunities in Cavan, I want to see investment in infrastructure and particularly high speed broadband. Our students are being let down because of an abysmal lack of broadband as well as our businesses and entrepreneurs.

I believe people should vote for me because I will be on the side of ordinary families and ordinary workers. I want to give these people a break, I want to reduce their cost of living and I want to ensure they have access to high quality public services which they are entitled to.

What will you do if elected? A Sinn Féin government will be a government for ordinary workers and families. We will reduce the cost of living and put more money in people’s pockets.

As part of a strong Sinn Féin team I will work with my colleagues in challenging the insurance cartels to bring an end to the crisis in spiralling insurance premiums. Our team will challenge the banks and ensure that they pay a fair tax on their massive profits.

We will deliver the largest social home building programme in history. We will oversee radical investment in public services particularly in health and education.

We will fund services to help those who suffer from drug addiction and roll out education for all young people and parents on drugs.

We will Increase Garda resources to deal with the rising level of drug related crime.

Sinn Fein have the policies which if implemented would see people living in a fairer society.

My pledge is to work every day for the betterment of this constituency and for all those who call it home.

sarah DO NOT USE

Sarah O’ Reilly 

Address: Lisnakee, Bailiboro, Co. Cavan

Contact Details: [email protected]

Political Career/Involvement to date: I was a FF Cllr, having been co opted to Cavan County Council. However, I became the first public representative to join Aontu, following my resignation from Fianna Fail as it became clear to me that the Fianna Fail I joined no longer exists. There is a serious disconnect between members on the ground and the leadership of the party. Senior Fianna Fail TD’s have become very politically expedient, putting politics before principles and doing 360 degree turns on their promises. I’m just not that sort of person and so I had to resign. Thankfully Aontu was founded and I had a party I could truly believe in as its leader Peadar Tóibín is a man of conviction and huge integrity, genuine integrity. Like him, I did take a risk for my principles but thankfully the people of my constituency rewarded me with 1,700 first preference votes and I topped the poll. Sometimes honesty and standing true to who you are really is the best policy!

Occupation: Full time Public Representative

Family Details: My partner Adrian and 4 Sons.

No, I don’t have any family political connections. I got elected on the back of my own hard work and not because I was a well-known name.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations: Long time friend of Virginia Rugby Club and a proud Club Breifne GAA Member

Election Priorities: We need to support the most vulnerable in our society, careers, young children and the elderly urgently need supports. There is a chronic shortage of respite facilities for adult children with disabilities in Cavan Monaghan we need to address this urgently.  Sufficient resources to address Home Care package .More GP’s as people are waiting for weeks to see a Doctor.

Improved Mental Health services in Cavan and Monaghan

Demand additional funding for specialist garda units to target crime and drugs epidemic

Insurance Industry Reform

I support the Pension age of 65

I will lobby to increase the minimum wage to be in line with the Living Wage

Support sustainable family farming and incentivised environmental schemes for farmers

Why people should vote for you? I have a proven track record of hard work, full commitment to my job, of putting my money where my mouth is, by standing up for what I believe in, and of not being afraid to tackle the establishment parties, even though in some cases it may not be very popular to do so!

My word’s my bond. I voted in the last general election for candidates who stood on a pro-life platform, confident in the knowledge that they would represent me. Unfortunately, these candidates didn’t even bother to turn up and vote on the abortion legislation when it was being voted on in the Dáil. I was disgusted and I have been waiting for someone, anyone, to stand up, someone to show strong leadership, to take on the establishment and hold FF and FG to account, to follow through on promises and commitments given. Someone, who will represent people that have been habitually disenfranchised by successive government failings for too long, someone that represents my views and my moral values. To date, nobody has fitted the bill. I think I speak for many in Ireland who are tired of the empty promises and lack of delivery by our TD’s and governments.

So here I am, just an ordinary woman – nothing special, nothing grand, but willing to run for election to stand up for and fight for the ordinary person!!

What will you do if elected? I will listen to constituents, I will fight for their needs and I will turn up for work ,unlike some other TD’s! I will work hard that’s for sure, never forgetting that the people of Cavan Monaghan put me in the job and could put me out of it too!

Tate donnelly DO NOT USE

Tate Donnelly

Address: Mullyash, Castleblayney, County Monaghan

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Tate Donnelly for TD

Twitter: @TateForTD

Party/Non Party: Green Party/ Comhaontas Glas

Age: 21

Political Career/Involvement to date: Green Party National Executive Committee member, Secretary of Cavan Monaghan Greens, Founder and Chair of Trinity Greens.

Occupation: Student & Researcher

Election Priorities:

To Stand Up for Young People

Young people have been left with a mess and are disillusioned with politics. We have a climate crisis that our government has totally failed to act on, that will have a detrimental impact on our lives. We are forced to move away or travel long distances for education and for work. It’s time for young people to have better representation to allow them to thrive.

Improved Public Services for Cavan and Monaghan

The people of Cavan and Monaghan need much better public services. We need more reliable, more frequent, and more affordable public transport that connects us to the large urban centres, as well as connecting our towns and villages. We need better healthcare facilities, particularly in mental health, and we need warm and affordable homes for all. We’ve been left behind by the government.

A Just Transition for Rural Ireland

The transition to a carbon neutral society can be a positive one for our communities and livelihoods. Many jobs need to be created in renewable energy and in retrofitting houses. Farmers must get a fair price for their produce, and be given real supports to lower their emissions. More substantial grants must be made available for electric cars, accompanied by more charging points. The challenge ahead of us is huge, and to be successful it must be fair on everyone. Ní neart go cur le chéile!

Why people should vote for you?  If elected, I’ll be a different kind of voice for you in Dáil Éireann. I’ll be a voice for young people, and the issues that affect us. I’ll campaign for action on climate, housing, transport, and health, particularly mental health.

I’ll be a progressive voice. A voice for equality and justice, and one that stands up for the most vulnerable in society.

I’ll be a transparent voice. You’ll know what I’m saying, how I’m choosing to vote, and why.

I’ll represent you with honesty, integrity, and respect at all times.

What will you do if elected?

 If elected as your TD, I will campaign for:

  • A fair transition to a carbon neutral society, where jobs are created, and where vulnerable communities and livelihoods are protected.
  • Better transport for Cavan and Monaghan. More frequent, reliable, and affordable services to connect us to large urban centres, and to connect our towns and villages.
  • A better price for farmers for their top quality produce, and real support to help them lower their emissions.
  • Our towns and villages to be brought back to life. Our derelict and vacant sites to be brought back into use. Warm and affordable homes for all.

sandra mcintyre DO NOT USE

Sandra McIntyre

Address: Kilnavart, Ballyconnell Co.Cavan

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Twitter: @sandramcintyre

Party/Non Party: Fine Gael

Age: 46

Political Career/Involvement to date: None

Occupation: Youth Worker

Family Details: Married to Terry McIntyre a Dairy Farmer, two children age 11 and 20 living in Templeport originally from Ballyconnell. I am one of seven children, and the second eldest daughter of Liam and Kathleen McKiernan of Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan.
No political connection

Membership of Clubs/Organisations:
Youth worker (voluntary) with Foróige, former Chairperson of the organisation from 2016/2018 and Vice Chair 2018/2019.

Election Priorities: The return to prosperity has been a hard and long road. Every man, woman and child has played a part in Ireland’s economic recovery and my priority is to make sure that everybody now benefits from it. A better economy should mean
Jobs – we need to bring industry to Cavan, in order to do this we need better infrastructure such Broadband and the bypass from Virginia is critical to this happening.
Housing and Homeless, – bring boarded houses in Cavan back into the system.
Supporting NGO’s to support young people
Healthcare, more supports in mental healthcare, supports for Physiotherapists and radiologists
Climate Change – Support and Educate people on what they can do to effect change.

Why people should vote for you? I hope that the constituents of Cavan, Monaghan and North Meath will vote for me because I am driven to make sure that the best is yet to come for this border region. I want to bring a new energy, new solutions and a fresh pair of eyes to the problems facing my home county of Cavan and the constituency of Cavan, Monaghan and North Meath. In many ways, the region that I hope to represent in Leinster House has seen little of the recovery, I want to change this and I will dedicate every working hour to make this region a better place to grow up, live and do business in.

What will you do if elected?  If I were given the honour of being elected by the people of Cavan, Monaghan and North Meath as their representative, I would be grateful for every day. I would hit the ground running and work relentlessly to repay the trust they placed in me to bring about meaningful change for my constituents. I would convene a seminar of all community groups and stakeholders active in my constituency to discuss their work and priorities and how I can help them in a hands on way as their new T.D. I would fight for a sensible action plan on climate change that protects our farming way of life as well as the planet. I would fight to ensure the speedy delivery of National broadband to help support job creation and flexible working arrangements.


Brendan Smith

Address: 3 Carrickfern, Cavan

Contact Details: [email protected]

Party/Non Party: Fianna Fáil

Political Career/Involvement to date:  Elected to Dáil Éireann in 1992, served as Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Minister for Justice and Equality, Minister for Children and Minister for Food and Horticulture.

Occupation:   Public Representative

Family Details: Married to Anne McGarry. Native of Bawnboy. My brother Sean serves as a Member of Cavan County Council.

Membership of Clubs/Organisation:   Member of Templeport GAA , Club Breifne, Cumann Seanchais Bhreifne

Election Priorities:   I want to secure a seat in Dáil Éireann to contribute to a change of government and have Fianna Fáil lead the next government.  As a Party we are working together to win 3 seats in Cavan/Monaghan.

Why people should vote for you? Because they know that I put Cavan/Monaghan first all the time. As a Member of Dáil Éireann I have worked diligently, conscientiously and constructively in the best interests of all constituents.  If re-elected I will be privileged to continue that important work on a daily basis.

Over the years I was glad to work along with local statutory agencies, community and voluntary organisations and play an active part in bringing a wide range of investment to the constituency, resulting in improved infrastructure and additional public services. I will continue to give strong and active representation in supporting individuals, families and communities throughout all of Cavan/Monaghan.

What will you do if elected? I will make sure the concerns of the people of Cavan/Monaghan are heard and acted upon. There are many challenges facing our families and communities. We need to invest more in key public services including health, housing, childcare, education and improved supports for our older persons.

Cavan/Monaghan needs additional job opportunities, dependable broadband connectivity, regeneration of our village and town centres. Farming and agri-food must be prioritised by government due to its critical role in the rural economy.

Small and medium enterprises need support in reducing costs, especially with insurance. Sadly, people feel vulnerable in their homes, extra Gardaí are needed for effective local policing.  The scourge of drugs is causing untold harm not just to individuals and families but to all of our society.

All of us have a part to play every day in protecting our environment where action is needed now and not deferred for the future.  We need a just transition to help rural Ireland tackle climate change.

Any additional information/Comment: I appreciate the trust and confidence that has been placed in me in successive elections by the people of Cavan/Monaghan.  I have never taken that support for granted and I have worked tirelessly in return for that mandate.

On the canvass I am grateful for the courtesy and welcome extended to me and I look forward to the continued positive engagement with the electorate up to Polling Day.

I seek a No.1 vote and I can assure the people of our new constituency that if re-elected I will continue that strong, committed and experienced representation.

heather-humphreys-pic DO NOT USE

Heather Humphreys

Address: Dernaroy, Newbliss, Co Monaghan

Contact Details:

Constituency Office, Unit 2, Mall Road, Monaghan Town Tel: 047-71911

Cootehill Office: 79 Market Street, Cootehill, Co Cavan Tel: 049-5555501

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @HHumphreysFG

Facebook: @heather.humphreysfg

Party: Fine Gael

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Member of Monaghan County Council 2003 – 2011

Member of Dail Eireann 2011 – Present

Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht 2014-2016

Minister for Arts,Heritage,Regional,Rural&Gaeltacht Affairs May 2016-June 2017

Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht June 2017 – November 2017

Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Nov 2017 – Present

Occupation: Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation

Family Details: I am married with two daughters and live on a farm in Aghabog, Co Monaghan.

Why people should vote for you?  I will always work to the best of my ability to represent the people of Cavan and Monaghan. As a local TD and as Minister, I have fought hard to increase the level of investment coming to our counties in recent years.

Important recent investments include:

  • New Cavan Digital Hub – creating jobs locally
  • €5m Bioconnect Research Centre to support Agri-Food Sector
  • New IDA Advanced Facility in Monaghan – awaited for 30 years
  • Construction work underway on long awaited New Holy Family School
  • New Secondary School in Kingscourt delivered
  • €2.3m for new Castleblayney Enterprise Centre
  • Clones Town Regeneration Project – €5m
  • €2.6m – Renovate Gate Lodge 2 in Castleblayney as a Library/Community Space
  • Ballybay Town Regeneration – €410,000
  • €850,000 for major redevelopment of Rossmore Park
  • Local Roads Budget for Monaghan doubled from €7m in 2017 to €14.5m in 2020.
  • €610,000 – Carrickmacross Town Regeneration Project
  • Phase 1 of Ulster Canal Restoration to Derrykerrib completed
  • €325,000 approved for Phase 2 – Marina in Clones

As Minister for Business, I recently announced a new €28m Economic Stimulus Fund for the Border Region. This is the first time, targeted ringfenced funding has been provided for a region in this manner and it will deliver a lasting economic benefit to the six border counties. In the past the border region and counties like Cavan and Monaghan were forgotten and neglected. I have worked tirelessly to change that and I will continue to fight for more investment in our region if re-elected.

Election Priorities: I want to continue working to represent the people of Cavan-Monaghan. Our counties have made huge progress in recent years with unemployment down by 65% locally. We are seeing investment in major capital projects right across our two counties and if re-elected, I will work to ensure this high level of investment continues.

 In particular, I want to ensure:

  • High Quality jobs for our young people in Cavan-Monaghan
  • Investment in our local communities
  • Increased supports for families and older people
  • Ensure Businesses are protected through Brexit
  • Better supports for our farmers

I will also ensure that my offices in Monaghan and Cootehill continue to provide a strong service to the people of Cavan-Monaghan on the issues which are of concern to them.

Additional Comment: Our country has come a long way since the dark days of the recession but I know more work needs to be done. I am asking the people of Cavan and Monaghan to put their trust in me on Saturday February 8th so that I can continue to work for you and our community.

niamh smyth-td

Niamh Smyth

Address: Adelaide Row Bailieborough Co. Cavan

Party: Fianna Fáil

Political Career/Involvement to date: I have served on Cavan County Council from 2009 to 2016 for the Bailieborough Cootehill Electoral Area. In February 2016 I was elected to serve the people of Cavan Monaghan as their TD – a wonderful privilege. In May 2016, I was appointed to the Fianna Fáil front bench as Spokesperson for the Arts and Heritage. I was elected as the first president of the Fianna Fáil women’s network on 14 September 2015.

Occupation: Public Representative

Family Details: I am the eldest daughter of Des & Maura Smyth and grand-niece of Paddy Smith Fianna Fáil former Minister of Agriculture. I have a younger brother David and of course my beautiful daughter Juliet.

Membership of Clubs/Organisations: Chairperson of Bailieborough Community Alert which includes the Lend a Hand group.

Election Priorities: To restore people’s dignity and respect through their rightful access to services. To reduce the endless waiting lists that exist in so many essential areas of life e.g. housing, hospital, child services, home support, carers etc.

To support businesses in the face of uncontrolled insurance hikes, crippling rates and the decline of rural areas.

To rejuvenate the agricultural sector and give farming folk back their worth and value to society.

As a rural constituency my focus is to improve the services and infrastructure in communities and isolated areas. Improved broadband, increased employment opportunities, roads without potholes, reduction in crime and restoration in personal safety are immediate and obvious issues.

Why people should vote for you? My sole focus is to improve the quality of life for everyone. I achieve this through my hard work, energy, motivation and dedication to public service. I care for people and want to lift some of the burdens that they are carrying and need help with. I have and will continue to maintain 3 full time offices throughout the constituency. My team are ever helpful and supportive of constituents and their issues. It is a privilege and honour to represent the people of Cavan Monaghan North Meath in Dail Eireann and I would love the opportunity to represent the people again.

What will you do if elected? I will continue to work and represent to the highest standards all constituents within Cavan Monaghan North Meath. I will highlight the pressing issues of housing, hospital and child services waiting lists, rural crime, pensions and the beef crisis in Dail Eireann. I will be a voice for rural Ireland and its lovely people.


Robbie Gallagher

Address: Crumlin, Silverstream, Co. Monaghan

Contact Details: Office 047 75050

Party/Non Party: Fianna Fail

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Monaghan Town Council 1999 – 2014,

Monaghan County Council 2004 – 2016

Seanad Eireann 2016 – present

Occupation: Estate Agent, Property Advisor

Family Details: Married to Karen, two children Darren and Aimee

Membership of Clubs/Organisations: Tyholland GAA

Election Priorities: Health, homecare supports, childcare costs, climate change issues,
affordable housing, stronger investment in the region, the need to upgrade
rural roads. Education, rural crime.

Why people should vote for you? I have a solid record of hard work over 20 years since first becoming a councillor. I have used my experience in Seanad Eireann to raise local
issues at every opportunity. I am ambitious for this constituency and I want
to see people treated more fairly in a country that aspires to be An Ireland
for All. People want change in government and with Fianna Fail potentially leading
the next government I want to ensure that we will continue to have
representation at the highest level.

What will you do if elected? I will represent people to the best of my ability and work for a fairer country with better access to services for all our people. This election is
an opportunity for change and a chance to tackle record waiting lists,
respite care, childcare costs, crime, climate change crisis, insurance costs
and more while maintaining a responsible budget and avoiding the waste of
recent years.


Emmett Smith

Emmett Smith

Address: Mullaloher, Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan

Contact Details: [email protected]

Facebook – Emmett Smith People Before Profit

Party/Non Party: Solidarity People Before Profit

Age: 32

Political Career/Involvement to date:

Studied political science in National University of Ireland Galway.

Founding member of NUI Galway Students for Sensible Drug Policy a student organisation that compiled research for the UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs in relation to our national drug trends.

Anti-austerity campaigner since the 2008 crash organising against cuts to mental health and addiction services. 

Returned to Cavan in 2015 and was a leading organiser in the campaign against Irish Water and the privatization of the State water infrastructure.

Ran in the 2016 general election as a representative of the Independents 4 Change grouping.

Served as a community representative on both the North East Regional Drug and Alcohol Taskforce and the board of Breifne Integrated Ltd.

One of the founders and leading organisers with Cavan Pro-Choice.

Founded the Cavan Housing Action Campaign to highlight the housing crisis and fight unfair evictions in the county.

Served as a SIPTU Union representative in CG Power Ltd Cavan.

Ran for election in the Cavan Belturbet Municipal District as a People Before Profit representative.

Occupation: Operations manager for PTM Ltd. Western Australia

Membership of Clubs/Organisations: SIPTU trade unionist 

Election Priorities: We need a radical change in direction for this country. To achieve this change People Before Profit priorities would include putting an end to the housing crisis through the creation of a State construction company and commencing a vast program of public housing. 

We would end the health crisis through increased investment and a complete restructuring of the health system in this country.

We would create a State run, not for profit insurance company.

We would close tax loopholes, accept the Apple tax and invest the additional funds into our public services.

We want to abolish the USC while introducing a robin hood tax on the highest earners and creating new tax brackets to alleviate the burden on ordinary works.

We would support small and medium farmers to get them a fair price for their produce by clamping down on the Larry Goodmans of the country.

To tackle climate change and Co2 emissions through reforestation with native woodland species and through increased investment in public transport and making all public transport free.

Full election manifesto available at:

Fully costed budget proposal at:

Why people should vote for you? People Before Profit are the only party that has given a cast iron guarantee never to support either Fine Gael or Fianna Fail in Government. A strong vote for PBP candidates will send a strong message to all other parties that supporting Fine Gael or Fianna Fail and handing them back control of the State is not the will of the people and will make them think twice about entering into toxic coalitions in future.

What will you do if elected? I will use my position to build progressive movements for change. 

I will help communities here to organise and fight back against increased living costs, the housing crisis, cuts to services, injustice in the workplace and corruption.

Any additional information/Comment: Put a rebel in the Dail, Vote Emmett Smith Number 1



Liam van der Spek

Address: 2, The Beeches, Drumgola Woods, Cavan, Co. Cavan

Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @spekoNhedevil

Party/Non Party: The Labour Party

Age: 24

Political Career/Involvement to date:
2019 Local Election: Cavan-Belturbet:
591 First Preferences
761 Eliminated on 5th Count

Occupation: Software Developer, Cavan Town

Family Details:
Father: Dr. Nick van der Spek, Mother: Joan van der Spek, Sister: Victoria van der Spek Partner: Monika Ulenska

Membership of Clubs/Organisations: SIPTU
Election Priorities: Work: Living wage for all. 4-day work week. Stop any increase to the pension age.
Housing: Build social & affordable housing on public land. Fund and empower local authorities to build new units. Bring down rents for young people. Get people off outrageously long housing waiting lists. Health: Fill vacant hospital posts and end the crisis of recruitment and retention in the HSE. Reduce waiting lists, end crisis of trolleys.
Childcare: Create a new public childcare system thats affordable for working parents and give childcare professionals the pay and respect they deserve
Climate Change: Expand public transport local link, rail, cycle infrastructure. Insulation grants. Electric car charge points.

Why people should vote for you? I’m young, new and passionate about building an Ireland that works for working people. It’s time we had a government that stood up for those earning average incomes, and not just property speculators. Young people struggling to rent. Parents stressed out over childcare. Retirees forced to go on jobseekers after a life spent working and paying tax.
These are the people I will fight for. I don ’t want to be part of any FF/FG coalition. It’s time for something new.

What will you do if elected? I will do everything I can to improve the quality of life for ordinary working people. I will work with other left and progressive parties to implement left wing policies that benefit the majority of people in Ireland.



Matt Carthy


Matt Carthy MEP
10 Monaghan St,
Co. Monaghan

Contact Details

Tel: 042 9674001

Email: [email protected]

Party/Non Party: Sinn Féin 

Age: 42 

Political Career/Involvement to date:

MEP for Midlands Northwest Constituency 2014 – 

Member, Monaghan County Council  2004-2014

Member, Carrickmacross Town Council 1999-2014

Occupation:  Member of European Parliament

Family Details: Matt Carthy lives in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan with his wife Lynn and their five children. Matt’s brother Colm is a County Councillor in Co. Monaghan

Membership of Clubs/Organisations: Carrickmacross Emmetts GFC.

Election Priorities:

A fair deal for family farmers

Returning the pension age to 65

The restoration of services at Monaghan Hospital

Supports for people with disabilities

A Monaghan specific package to create more local jobs

An end to the Insurance rip off

Reduced childcare costs

Undergrounding the North South Interconnector

A United Ireland

Why people should vote for you? “In every elected role I’ve held since 1999 I’ve worked hard on behalf of those I represent.  As a community activist, on the council and in the European Parliament, I’ve always tried to be an effective voice for workers, families and communities.  I am now asking for voters to support me so that I can bring my experience to the Dáil and be a new powerful voice for this constituency.” – Matt.

What will you do if elected? “If elected I will work hard to deliver on our priority policies.  I will be an accessible TD that will try every day to create a better, fairer and united Ireland” – Matt


Joseph Duffy

Joseph Duffy is the only independent candidate running in Cavan-Monaghan. He has previously contested general elections in 1989, 1997 and 2011 and the local elections in the Ballybay-Clones area of Monaghan in 2014. He failed to be elected on all occasions.