Half a million spent on Garda sick leave locally in 2016

Sick leave for Gardaí in Cavan and Monaghan could have cost as much as half a million euro last year.

The figures are based on An Garda Síochána’s Sickness and Absence Scheme.

Entitlement to paid sick leave is calculated over a rolling four year period for members of the force.

Members of the Gardaí who take a sick day of more than one day are required to provide a medical certificate from their GP.

In total, 27 members of the force took over 3,700 (3,734.5) sick days in 2016, at an estimated cost of €473,000. (€473,085.60)

Last year there were 12 complaints of injury made by Gardaí in Cavan and Monaghan, including assault, road traffic collision, and slips and falls.

So far this year, its estimated €167,400 (167,465.17) has been spent on sick leave for 7 local Gardaí, with six reports of injury made.

That’s 1,292 sick days taken in total this year.

The total number of sick days are the total number of calendar days that members are absent, and may also include weekends and rest days.

The cost of sick leave for local Gardaí is only an estimate, as the cost is based on the midpoint of the personal pension contribution scale for each rank.

The costs don’t take into account staff who were on half rate of pay or zero pay due to exceeding sick leave limits.