Health team meeting to plan for predicted surge in intensive care patients

The National Public Health Emergency Team is meeting to consider how intensive care units will cope with a surge in critical covid-19 patients.

It’s examining establishing specific Coronavirus hospitals, which would deal exclusively with the illness.

The country’s most senior health officials began meeting at 10 to look at how we’d cope if hospitals become overwhelmed with critical Covid 19 cases.

A European Centre for Disease Control warning that ICU facilities may not be able to manage rising numbers of serious cases is dominating their discussions.

The risk of severe Covid-19 for older people and those with chronic conditions is almost four times higher than for the general population.

They’d need specialised care, for more than 2 weeks, and hospitals may not cope.

Health officials are considering if some of our hospitals could turn into Covid-19 facilities, treating only those with coronavirus.

They’re also looking at what else to do if social distancing and business closures just isn’t enough. The meeting is due to end shortly.

The National Public Health Emergency Team may then make recommendations to the Health Minister.