Increase in disability parking fines welcomed as more than half go unpaid

The fixed charge for motorists who park in disabled spaces without displaying a valid permit has almost doubled.

The Minister for Transport announced the fixed charge notice has increased from 80 euro to 150 euro from March 1st.


Motorists who receive fines for parking illegally in a disabled parking space will have 28 days to pay the fixed charge of €150, which will rise to €225 if not paid within the following 28 days.

Figures released to Northern Sound News under the Freedom of Information Act have shown that since 2014 less than half of fines issued by Cavan County Council for motorists who park in disabled spots have been paid.

Since 2014, 475 tickets were issued. Just 202 have been paid, with the rest either cancelled or left unpaid.

The announcement has been welcomed locally by Fianna Fáil Councillor Shane P O’Reilly who raised the issue through a motion at the most recent Cavan County Council meeting which was passed unanimously.

Councillor Shane P O’Reilly says people who park in disabled parking bays without the relevant permit are being disrespectful and very rude.

The Minister of Transport, Shane Ross said he hopes it will stop able-bodied motorists from taking spaces reserved for those who need them.