Inquiry after senior Garda attended event while waiting for Covid test results

An official Garda inquiry is underway after a senior officer who was awaiting results of a Covid 19 test attended an event with around 15 people this morning.

The Garda subsequently received a positive result and everyone who attended the event has been advised to restrict their movements.

This morning Senior Gardaí attended a media briefing on the Murder of Jo Jo Dullard the 21-year-old who went missing in Moone in Co Kildare, 25 years ago.

There were around 15 people present at the briefing including Jo Jo’s sister Kathleen Bergin.

One of the officers in attendance was waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test and shortly after the briefing ended he received a positive result.

In a statement Gardaí say measures were put in place at the briefing in relation to social distancing. Members of the media were advised to only attend if essential and they were also advised they must wear a face covering.

Around 15 people are now restricting their movement and an internal inquiry has now been launched.