Irish Water joins agencies in Cavan to try find solutions to ongoing problem with pesticides in the Belturbet and Cavan water supplies

Irish Water has joined forces with six other agencies in Cavan to try to find solutions to an ongoing problem with pesticide exceedances in the Belturbet and Cavan public water supplies.

It’s running an education and awareness campaign in an effort to encourage users of pesticides to ensure they follow best practice.

Irish Water is teaming up with six other agencies to deliver the education and awareness campaign. 

The other agencies include: Cavan County Council, Teagasc, the National Federation of Group Water Schemes, Local Authority Water Programme, the Department of Agriculture, and the Animal and Plant Health Association (APHA).

The campaign comes in the wake of the Environmental Protection Agency placing Belturbet and Cavan water supplies on its Remedial Action List, due to an exceedance of the pesticide MCPA in both supplies. 

The RAL is a list of at-risk water supplies, and while there is no threat to public health, the detected levels sometimes exceed the legally permitted limit value for pesticides.

MCPA is commonly used to kill rushes on wet land and users of pesticides are asked to be mindful of best practice when spraying their lands.

Irish Water is warning that careless storage, handling or improper application of any pesticide product can easily result in traces ending up in drinking water.

Users of pesticides are also asked to carefully consider how these products may access water courses via rainwater drains, drainage channels or other means before application.

Information leaflets on pesticide use are available to download from the Teagasc website.