John Treacy Welcomes FAI’s John Earley Resignation

Sport Ireland chief executive John Treacy has welcomed the resignation of John Earley from the FAI board and believes soccer can be rebuilt in the country.

SFAI chairman Earley resigned from the Board of the Football Association of Ireland with immediate effect last night, with FAI President Donal Conway set to step down next week.

“The last of the two board members are stepping down, I think that’s a good thing, that is a good thing!” Treacy told Northern Sound.

The resignation of Early and Conway’s departure next month, means the entire FAI will have been replaced since John Delaney’s 2017 €100,000 bridging loan was revealed in March.

“Obviously a new board will be put in place. Obivously the four independent’s need to be put in place that will happen aswell very, very shortly” explained Tracey.

Sport Ireland have withheld and suspended their funding of the FAI since April nine this year which was due to total €2.7 million in 2019.

Treacy, however revealed that grants and support needed to continue to soccer clubs around the country.

“Irrespective of what’s happening at national level, soccer is based in the community” explained Tracey.

“The fabulous clubs around the country we need to continue to support and the support will be continued to be given.”

“The minister recently provided sports capital and soccer wasn’t excluded from that, it’s about continuing to support the game.”

“There’s a lot of corporate governance issues but they will be all resolved in due course. Soccer is a very important sport in the country and we need to support it.“

Treacy told Northern Sound, the process to rebuild trust between the FAI and Sport Ireland can begin once four independent directors are in place.

“We then need to get involved in the job of rebuilding soccer and Sport Ireland will be there to support them” explained Treacy.

“Of course the right people can build that trust back up” added Treacy when asked if Sport Ireland were willing to work with the new FAI board.