LE19: Live updates from Cavan Count Centre

Here is the full list of elected councilors for the Cavan county council, as a result of the local elections of May 24th, 2019.

Bailieborough-Cootehill MD: Sarah O’Reilly (Aontú), Val Smith (Fine Gael), Carmel Brady (Fine Gael), Clifford Kelly (Fianna Fáil), Aiden Fitzpatrick (Fianna Fáil) and Paddy McDonald (Sinn Féin).

Cavan-Belturbet MD: John Paul Feeley (Fianna Fáil), Patricia Walsh (Fianna Fáil), Brendan Fay (Non-Party), Madeleine Argue (Fine Gael), Sean Smith (Fianna Fáil) and Peter Mcvitty (Fine Gael)

Ballyjamesduff MD: Trevor Smith (Fine Gael), Shane P O’Reilly(Fianna Fáil), TP O’Reilly (Fine Gael), Winston Bennett (Fine Gael), Craig Lovett (Fianna Fáil) and Philip Brady (Fianna Fáil).

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Just like that, the Bailieborough – Cootehill seats in the Cavan county council have been filled, all with the eighth count. Four candidates were elected in this final count. We now have all eighteen seats for the Cavan county council.

Bridget Boyle’s (Sinn Féin) redistribution of 938 votes was enough to give Carmel Brady (Fine Gael) enough votes to pass the 1,631 vote quota, deeming her elected. Brady was the only candidate able to reach the quota. With three seats still left to fill with four candidates, the candidates with the three highest counts were elected. Clifford Kelly brought his tally up to 1,611. Aiden Fitzpatrick gained 102 points, finishing with a tally of 1,502. Finally, Paddy McDonald received 500 votes this count, bringing his tally to 1,500. Francis McDermott missed out on the seat with 1,353 votes in the end.

The official six seats for the Bailieborough-Cootehill constituency are as follows, in order of election: Sarah O’Reilly (Aontú), Val Smith (Fine Gael), Carmel Brady (Fine Gael), Clifford Kelly (Fianna Fáil), Aiden Fitzpatrick (Fianna Fáil) and Paddy McDonald (Sinn Féin).


Val Smith of Fine Gael has been elected to the Cavan county council during the seventh count of the Bailieborough – Cootehill municipal district. Thanks to Shirley Hall’s redistribution of 880 votes, Smith was able to pass the 1,631 vote quota with a total of 1,643. As his surplus of votes would be unable to elect or save a candidate, Bridget Boyle of Sinn Féin has been eliminated and her 938 votes will be redistributed for the eight count.


The sixth count for the Bailieborough-Cootehill constituency is in. No new candidates have been elected, from the 829 redistributed votes of Gerry Murrary. With the lowest amount of votes, Fine Gael’s Shirley Hall has been eliminated and her 880 votes will be redistributed to the remaining seven candidates. Val Smith and Clifford Kelly are in pole position to take the next seat in the area, as it stands. Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates as they happen.

We also talked to Fianna Fáil TD Niamh Smyth earlier and we asked her about the election ‘dogfight’ going on in her local area.


The Cavan – Belturbet constituency seats for the Cavan county council are now also filled.

In the seventh count, Madeleine Argue’s surplus was unable to push any of the three remaining candidate past the quota of 1,345. As a result, the remaining two candidates with the highest number of votes were elected. Fianna Fáil’s Sean Smith has been elected with a total of 1,246 votes, as well as Fine Gael’s Peter McVitty, who garnered 1,159 votes.

The six seats for the Cavan-Belturbet constituency are as follows, in order of election: John Paul Feeley (Fianna Fáil), Patricia Walsh (Fianna Fáil), Brendan Fay (Non-Party), Madeleine Argue (Fine Gael), Sean Smith (Fianna Fáil) and Peter Mcvitty (Fine Gael).


The Ballyjamesduff constituency seats for the Cavan county council are now filled.

In the fifth count for the local electorate area, Craig Lovett of Fianna Fáil and Winston Bennett of Fine Gael were elected thanks to redistribution of Grainne McPhillips’ 842 votes. Although he did not meet the quota, Fianna Fáil’s Philip Brady was elected to the council as he had more votes than his fellow remaining candidate Noel Connell of SinnFéin.

The six seats for the Ballyduff constituency are as follows, in order of election: Trevor Smith (Fine Gael), Shane P O’Reilly(Fianna Fáil), TP O’Reilly (Fine Gael), Winston Bennett (Fine Gael), Craig Lovett (Fianna Fáil) and Philip Brady (Fianna Fáil).


Count five in Bailieborough – Cootehill – which redistributed John O’Hare’s 699 votes – has been unable to elect a new candidate that meets the quota of 1,631. Gerry Murrary of Fianna Fáil has been eliminated, his 829 votes will be redistributed in the sixth count.


Patricia Walsh of Fianna Fáil has been elected to the Cavan county council on the sixth count of the Cavan – Belturbet constituency, which redistributed Liam van der Spek’s 761 votes. There were no eliminations in this count, due to the remaining surplus of Madeleine Argue, which will be able to elect a new councilor in the next count. Video of the announcement and the full tally can be seen below.


The fourth count is complete in Ballyjamesduff and while there were no councilors elected in the count, there were some interesting developments. Most notably, Sinn Féin’s Noel Connell received 351 of Geraldine Harten’s 484 votes, bringing him up to 1,175 votes. Grainne McPhillips of Aontú was eliminated in this count, so her 842 votes will be redistributed in the fifth count. Connell could get another potential boost in the next count, which could help his chances of election. The next count should be very interesting.


We have the fourth count in the Bailieborough – Cootehill municipal district, in which PJ Barry’s 614 votes were redistributed among the candidates. However, no one candidate was able to meet the quota of 1,631 votes. Fine Gael’s John O’Hare has been eliminated and his 699 votes will be redistributed for the fifth round. Full results of the count arebelow.


First time candidate and independent Brendan Fay has been elected to Cavan county council, along with Madeleine Argue of Fine Gael, who has been reelected. The distribution of Emmett Smith’s (S-PBP) 567 votes was enough to push the two candidates over the quota of 1,345. Liam van der Spek of Labour has been eliminated from the proceeding rounds, and his 761 votes will be redistributed for the sixth count. The following counts will be very interesting to follow, as the remaining candidates Sean Smith (FF), Patricia Walsh (FF), Peter McVitty (FG) and Damien Brady (SF) are all very close on votes. See the full fifth count below.

Count three for Ballyjamesduff has unsuccessfully elected a new candidate, from Shane P O’Reilly’s 92-vote surplus. As a result, Sinn Féin’s Geraldine Harten has been eliminated from the election and her 484 votes will be redistributed. Winston Bennett is seemingly next in line to be elected to the council, with 1,533 votes – 78 away from the quota. We await the fourth count shortly.

Daniel Downey’s 435 distributed votes have failed to elect a new candidate in the Cavan – Belturbet area, in the fourth count. The fifth count will redistribute the 567 votes of the eliminated Solidarity – People Before Profit’s Emmett Smith. Full result below


We talked to TP O’Reilly of Ballyjamesduff MD just after his election to the Cavan county council in the second count. TP talked about the issues and backlash he faced at the doorsteps of the electorate.


The third count in Bailieborough – Cootehill has been unable to elect a new member to the council, from the surplus of Sarah O’Reilly’s 73 votes. Fianna Fáil’s PJ Barry has been eliminated from the race and his 614 first preference votes will be redistributed for the fourth count. The full count is listed below.


The third count for the Cavan – Belturbet constituency is in. No new candidates have been elected from the distribution of John Paul Feeley’s 69-vote surplus. The fourth count will commence shortly, where in eliminated Sinn Féin candidate Daniel Downey will have his 435 votes redistributed.


The second count for the Ballyjamesduff constituency has elected TP O’Reilly to Cavan county council. TP Reilly received an additional 59 votes from the surplus of Trevor Smith for a total of 1,635 – passing the quota of 1,611. The third count will distribute the surplus of Shane P. O’Reilly’s votes.


We have the second count for the Bailieborough – Cootehill constituency. The redistribution of Mary Roche’s 114 first preference votes has been unable to elect a new member to the county council. Elected Sarah O’Reilly’s surplus of 73 votes will be distributed for the third count.


The second count for the Cavan – Belturbet constituency is in. Sean McKiernan’s preference votes of 172 has been distributed among the candidates but have been unable to elect a new candidate to the county council. John Paul Feeley’s surplus of 69 votes will now be distributed  for the third count.


We’re back here at Northern Sound from the count centre at the Cavan leisure complex for the second day of counts for the local elections. The first counts for three constituencies were finished at midnight; today we proceed with the second count at 10am, where the remaining seats will be filled.

In case you missed the news last night, here’s a recap. John Paul Feeley of Fianna Fáil was elected to the Cavan county council on the first vote in the Cavan – Belturbet constituency. He exceeded the quota of 1,345 votes with a total of 1,414. Fine Gael’s Sean McKiernan was elimated with a total of 172 preference votes. The full first count can be seen below.

Sarah O’ Reilly of Aontú was elected on the first count in the Bailieborough – Cootehill municipal district with 1,704 votes; giving her a surplus over the quota of 1,631. Labour’s Mary Roche was eliminated, with a total of 114 preference votes. Full first count can be seen below.

In the Ballyjamesduff municipal district, Trevor Smith of Fine Gael and Shane P. O’Reilly of Fianna Fáil were elected on the first count. Smith received a total of 1,826 votes, while O’Reilly earned 1,703. There were no eliminations in this district on the first count.

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12am Sunday

The first counts for the three Cavan constituencies are in!

First count in Cavan – Belturbet sees John Paul Feeley elected to Cavan County Council, as he met the quota of 1,324 votes by gaining 1,414.

The Ballyjamesuff constituency sees both Trevor Smith of Fine Gael and Shane P. O’Reilly of Fianna Fáil elected to Cavan County Council.

Bailieborough – Cootehill has elected Aontú’s Sarah O’Reilly on the first count to the Cavan County Council with 1,704 votes, passing the quota of 1,631.

The second count will commence at 10am Sunday morning. Stay tuned to Northern Sound on Facebook and Twitter for updates all throughout the day.


Fianna Fáil’s John Paul Feeley led the final tallies earlier in the day and looks set to return to the Cavan County Council. We sat down with John earlier, have a look.


Peadar Tóibín made an appearance at the count centre in Cavan to show support for his two Aontú candidates – Sarah O’Reilly and Grainne McPhilips. Sarah is looking likely to take the top spot in Bailieborough – Cootehill, if the tallies are to be believed. Check out the video below, in which Peadar heaps praise on his two candidates.


Sitting councillor Daniel Downey has conceded defeat in the Cavan-Belturbet area. The Sinn Fein Councillor tallied 422 first preference votes.


Cavan-Belturbet’s only Independent, and first time candidate Brendan Fay, is currently polling in second place.

He is also the only candidate contesting the race from the Belturbet area and is hopeful that he can become a voice for what he calls the forgotten towns and villages in Cavan. His focus throughout the campaign was to get out and meet as many members of the electoral area as possible.

While he has stressed that nothing is official yet, the candidate has spoken about what he hopes for Cavan and Belturbet’s future over the next 5 years.


Outgoing councillor Paddy Smith looks set to be replaced by his son Trevor Smith as he tops the tallies for Ballyjamesduff.

Trevor Smith is following his father into politics for Fine Gael by exceeding the quota already by approximately 200 votes.

There are some other candidates in the ballyjamesduff area who look certain to claim seats as counting continues and Sean McMahon has been speaking to Northern Sound about some of the other possibilities;


We talked to independent candidate in the Cavan – Belturbet district, Brendan Fay, ahead of the official count. The final tally of votes had the first time candidate in a strong position for election. More updates on the Cavan – Belturbet district count and more soon.


The results of the divorce referendum are in. Over 56 percent of the electorate voted in the referendum, with over 54 percent voting properly (taking the voters away from invalid votes). The results in favor of the amendment to the constitution were 24,108 and those votes against the amendment were 6,811. The Cavan electorate has voted in favor of the amendment by a majority of 78 percent.

The first official count for the local elections has commenced. The first elections of candidates to county council positions in the three municipal districts will be with us soon.

The doubtful votes collected during the sorting process are now being judged by adjudicators. A count should be presented soon.


Sorting of the votes is almost finished here at the Leisure Centre. We should have some a tally for the divorce referendum within the next hour.


Here at the Leisure Centre in Cavan, the counting of the ballots for the referendum on divorce has begun. Given the majority vote on the exit poll released last night, there was no tally carried out on these papers. However, at a glance, it seems to be following with the national trends.

After these results are finalized and announced, attention will once again turn to the local elections. Following the tallies, we can paint a picture of what candidates will meet the quota on the first count. In Ballyjamesduff, expect Trevor Smith and Shane P. O’Reilly to meet the quota. Sarah O’Reilly in Bailieborough – Cootehill and John Paul Feeley in Cavan – Belturbet can also be expected to be elected.

There are many positions still out in the open as votes are yet to be redistributed, so be sure to stay tuned to Northern Sound on air, as well as on Facebook and Twitter for updates as soon as they arrive.


Fianna Fáil’s John Paul Feeley is expected to be elected on the first count, per the tally results of the Cavan – Belturbet municipal district. There is also strong showing for first-time candidate and Independent Brendan Fay of Belturbet. Fine Gael’s Madeleine Argue comes in third place, just behind Fay.


Sarah O’Reilly of Aontú looks set to lead the results of the Bailieborough-Cootehill Municipal District, with Fianna Fáil’s Kelly Clifford and Fine Gael’s Val Smith behind her.


Here is the full breakdown of the tally for the Ballyjamesduff Municipal District.

As of now, the final votes are being seperated in Bailieborough – Cootehill, while there are seven boxes remaining in Cavan – Belturbet.


We have the first final tally for the Cavan area, and it’s from Ballyjamesduff.


Sean McKiernan concedes the contest in Cavan – Belturbet. The latest tally showed him on 3 per cent in the area.





With 75 per cent of the boxes tallied in Ballyjamesduff, we are getting a better picture of what is happening. Trevor Smith is on course to top the polls with 21 per cent of votes. Craig Lovett is a distance back in second on 14 per cent, Shane P O’Reilly is on the same percentage share.

TP O’Reilly is on 12 per cent, With Philip Brady, Winston Bennett and Noel Connell all on 8 per cent.


Around three quarters of the votes have tallied in the Bailieborough – Cootehill area. Clifford Kelly (15 per cent) and Sarah O’Reilly (15 per cent) are strongest so far, and pulling a gap from those behind.

Carmel Brady is the best of the rest on 10 per cent, with Aiden Fitzpatrick just behind her on 9 per cent. Francis McDermott and Paddy McDonald are on 8 per cent. Bridget Boyle (7 per cent); Shirley Hall, Val Smith and PJ Barry (6 per cent) follow closely behind.



With 43 per cent of boxes open in Cavan – Belturbet, Patricia Walsh is looking strong on 17 per cent. Madeleine Argue is close behind on 16 per cent. Sean Smith and John Paul Feeley are both on 10 per cent.

Brendan Fay is on 9 per cent; Emmett Smith with 8 per cent; Daniel Downey, Liam Van der Spek and Peter McVitty are joint on 7 per cent.


After 37 per cent of boxes open, tallying of the European parliament votes show Brendan Smith (Fianna Fáil) ahead in Cavan with 35%, while Mairead McGunnies of Fine Gael is in second with 24%. Matt Carthy of Sinn Féin sits at 16%, while outgoing MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan rests at 7%. Peter Casey (Independent) and Maria Walsh are close with 5% and 4% share respectively.


Early indications from the tally people shows Sarah O’Reilly (Aontú) strong the Bailieborough area. Her party colleague Grainne McPhillips is said to be happy with her performance so far. She is taking over 30 votes in most boxes across the region.

Noel Connell (Sinn Fein), Craig Lovett (Fianna Fail) and Trevor Smith (Fine Gael) are tipped to take seats in Ballyjamesduff. Fianna Fail predicts that the boxes in Arva, where there are no local candidates, will decide the MD.

In Cavan – Belturbet, Madeleine Argue (Fine Gael) and Patricia Walsh (Fianna Fail) are taking many of the urban votes. Liam Van der Spek (Labour), Daniel Downey (Sinn Fein) and Emmett Smith (Solidarity-People Before Profit) are in a close battle for the remaining votes.

Brendan Fay is taking the Belturbet town votes as expected. While Peter McVitty is looking strongest of the west Cavan candidates.

As we approach lunchtime in the count centre, PJ Barry has been answering questions about what he would like to work on if he is elected this weekend;

Tallies are continuing in the Cavan Leisure Centre. In the Bailieborough – Cootehill area, 25 boxes are open (54 per cent). In Ballyjamesduff 29 boxes are open (59 per cent) and 34 per cent of boxes in Cavan – Beltutbet are open (15 boxes)



In Cavan, things are progressing in the Cavan Leisure Centre where the tallies are underway

This time round Sinn Fein ran an additional candidate and Noel Connell has said that the only way to develop the party presence is to increase the candidates running and that’s how they’ll move forward;



Joe O Reilly has stated that transfers are not predictable. Follow this link for the full story;


Nearly 20% of boxes across the county have been opened, however we don’t expect any reliable tallies to come in until around 12:30pm.

Sarah O’Reilly – formerly of Fianna Fáil and now of Aontú – is tallying well in Bailieborough-Cootehill MD. Trevor Smith, who is replacing his father Paddy in Ballyjamesduff has also made a strong start. In Cavan-Belturbet MD, former Councillor of Cavan town, Patricia Walsh has made some early gains.

The European tallies show Brendan Smith of Fianna Fáil getting a lot of first preference votes in Cavan town, with Matt Carthy of Sinn Féin and Mairead McGuinness of Fine Gael having little separating them, despite being a distance behind. In Bailieborough, the spread of EU candidates is looking more even.


The counting of votes is well underway here in the Leisure Centre, Cavan. Tally men and women are sorting the divorce referendum, as well as the European and local ballot papers, with the second round of boxes starting to be opened.

Early tallies from Cavan town show that Madeline Argue, Patricia Walsh and Liam Van Der Spek are taking a noticeable lead over the other candidates.

West Cavan, near Ballyconnell sees Peter McVitty, Sean Smith and Damien Brady getting a head start over the other candidates

Meanwhile the early figures from Bailieborough-Cootehill present good starts for Aiden Fitzpatrick, Carmel Brady, Sarah O’Reilly and Paddy McDonald. 17% of boxes have been opened in that district so far.

As the day continues, a clearer picture of the results will become more visible.

Stay tuned to Northern Sound FM, where we’ll be bringing you updates by  the hour. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages also.


Here’s a refresher of what’s being contested.

There are three municipal districts in Cavan and there are 33 candidates running overall. Each municipal district will fill 6 seats. Bailieborough – Cootehill has the most with 13 candidates running for election, Cavan – Belturbet has 11 candidates and Ballyjamesduff sees 9 candidates running.

Cavan-Belturbet MD Candidates
Liam Van Der Spek (Labour), John Paul Feeley (FF), Patricia Walsh (FF), Sean Smith (FF), Emmett Smith (Solidarity – People Before Profit), Madeleine Argue (FG), Sean McKiernan (FG), Peter McVitty (FG), Brendan Fay (Independent), Daniel Downey (SF) and Damien Brady (SF)

Bailieborough-Cootehill MD Candidates
Clifford Kelly (FF), Aiden Fitzpatrick (FF), P.J Barry (FF), Francis McDermott (FF), Gerry Murrary (FF), Val Smith (FG), Shirley Hall (FG), John O’Hare (FG), Carmel Brady (FG), Sarah O’ Reilly (Aontú), Mary Roche (Labour), Paddy McDonald (SF) and Bridget Boyle (SF)

Ballyjamesduff MD Candidates
Philip ‘The Gunner’ Brady (FF), Craig Lovett (FF), Shane P. O’ Reilly (FF), Winston Bennett (FG), Trevor Smith (FG), T.P. O’ Reilly (FG), Gráinne McPhillips (Aontú), Noel Connell (SF) and Geraldine Harten (SF)


Votes are still in the process of being tallied here at the Count Centre. Significant updates will be coming within the next hour. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter throughout the day.


Boxes are open here at the Count Centre at the Leisure Centre in Cavan town. Tally men are keeping an eye on ballots as the boxes are open and we expect a rough overview in the next few minutes.

Stay with us on Northern Sound. We’ll have live updates on our website and on air throughout the day.