LE19: Live updates from the Monaghan Count Centre

19:26 pm:

11th Count Monaghan MD Results:

David Maxwell (FG), Paudge Connolly (Ind) Sean Conlon (SF) all have been elected in Monaghan MD. They take the final three seats available and conclude the end of the election votes here at threemilehouse in County Monaghan.


10th Count Monaghan MD Results:

Brian McKenna (SF) has been elected with 1,146 votes in the Monaghan MD. This leaves three remaining seats and four candidates so the eleventh count should be the last in Monaghan MD

18:10 pm:

All 6 Candidates who got their seats in the Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD have taken to the stage to deliver their victory speeches.

17:45 pm:

9th Count Monaghan MD Results:

Catriona Moen (SF) eliminated as no candidate reached the quota necessary. Her 420 votes are to be redistributed.

17:27 pm:

Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD Count 7 Results:

Mary Kerr Conlon (FG) with 1,247 votes and Aoife McCooey (FF) with 1197 votes have taken the final two seats in the Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD.

Official announcement to confirm all 6 seats to follow

17:00 pm:

UPDATE: Expecting a recount to be called in Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD. Only 64 votes between three candidates for last two seats. Results so far show Jackie Crowe (SF) likely to lose his seat to Fianna Fail Aoife McCooey.

16:56 pm:

Monaghan MD Count 8 Results:

The results of the eight count show that no candidates hit the quota, therefore a candidate has been eliminated – Micheal Callaghan (GR) with 446 votes has been eliminated and his votes to be distributed.

16:51 pm:

Monaghan MD Count 7 results:

The results of the seventh count show that no candidates hit the quota, so Raymond Aughey (FF) surplus of 17 votes to be distributed.

Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD Count 6 results:

The results of the sixth count show that no candidates hit the quota, so Aidan Campbell (FG) surplus of 30 votes to be distributed.

16:13 pm:

We caught up with Hughie McElvaney (Ind) after his re-election today in Threemilehouse in County Monaghan

16:06 pm:

Count 7 results of Monaghan MD expected shortly

Count 6 results of Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD expected within the hour

16:00 pm:

Hughie McElvaney (Ind) delivers a speech after winning his 9th election in a row, meaning that by the time he finishes his 9th term in the Clones-Ballybay MD, he will have completed 50 years of service to the local people.

15:44 pm:

Sixth Count for Monaghan MD results:

Raymond Aughey (FF) has been elected with 1,151 after the sixth count.

Fiona McCaffrey Jones (FG) has been eliminated with a total of 280 votes and her votes will now be distributed for count 7

15:21 pm:

Fifth count results in the Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD:

Rory McEvoy (FF) has been eliminated with 748 votes as no candidate has reached the quota needed to get a seat. His votes have been distributed for Count 6

15:11 pm:


14:49 pm:

Results from Monaghan MD Fifth Count:

Tommy Hagan (Ind) has been eliminated with 225 votes as no candidate has reached the quota needed to get a seat. His votes have been distributed for Count 6

Count 6 in progess

14:45 pm:

Results from Monaghan MD Fourth Count:

Patrick Cassidy (FG) has been eliminated with 441 votes as no candidate has reached the quota needed to get a seat. His votes have been distributed for Count 5

Count 5 in progress

14:04 pm:

Hughie McElvaney (Ind) has won the final seat in the Clones-Ballybay MD after the third count. This concludes the end of the Clones-Ballybay MD count with an official announcement to come.

13:52 pm:

We caught up with newly elected Sean Gililand (FG) after his victory in the most recent Ballybay-Clones MD count

13:50 pm:

Monaghan MD count three:

The results of the third count show that no candidates hit the quota, therefore two candidates have been eliminated from the race – Paddy Grenham (Ind) with 40 votes and James Mee (Ind) with 23 votes.

13:41 pm:

Aidan Campbell F.G and P.J O’Hanlon F.F have been elected to Carrickmacross – Castleblayney MD after count three.

Campbell received 1401 votes

O’Hanlon received 1372 votes

12:52 pm:

We caught up with newly elected Fine Gael candidate Richard Truell after his victory in the Clones-Ballybay MD count two

12:34 pm:

Breakdown of Monaghan MD after count two:

12:33 pm:

Breakdown of Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD after count two:

12:17 pm:

Clones-Ballybay MD count two results:

Sean Gilliland and Richard Truell from Fine Gael both have been elected in second count. Gilliland received 1,525 votes in total and Truell received 1,412 votes.

Sean Gilliland surplus to be distributed in count three

12:05 pm:

Second count results for both Monaghan MD and Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD.

Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD: No candidate has met the quota therefore Conan Connolly (Green) has been eliminated.

Monaghan MD: No Candidate has met the quota therefore Seamus Traenor’s (Ind) surplus votes to be distributed.


11:06 am:

Here is a full break down of the results from the first count of Monaghan MD

10:52 am:

In the Monaghan MD, Sinn Fein Councillor Cathy Bennett has received the most first count votes at 1,291 and has been re-elected.

Seamus Treanor (Ind) has received 1,152 first preference votes and has also been re-elected.

Second count votes to start for all three MDs in County Monaghan


09:45 am:

Welcome to our second day of election coverage here at Threemilehouse in County Monaghan. The first count of the Monaghan MD is expected to be announced here at 11am.


12:19 am:

Final Update from Threemilehouse tonight in County Monaghan. The counting in the Monaghan MD has been ajorned until 10 a.m tomorrow morning.


In the Castleblayney – Carrickmacross MD, sitting Sinn Féin councillor’s Colm Carthy (1,401 votes) and Noel Keelan (1,376 votes) have been elected on the first count here.

The second count has been in the constituency has been suspended until 10am tomorrow morning.


Sitting Fianna Fail Councillor Seamus Coyle has been re-elected on the first count in the Ballybay – Clones MD with 2,346 votes.

He will be joined by Sinn Féin Councillor Pat Treanor from Clones Town. He received 1,429 first preference votes which means he’s been re-elected to the local authority.

Here are the results from the first county in the Ballybay – Clones MD:



Doubtful ballot papers have now been viewed and decided on in all three local constituenices in County Monaghan.

10.51pm: Candidates from all three constituencies are continuing to go through doubtful votes which is currently delaying proceedings as we speak.

The first count in all three local electoral areas will be revealed tonight before the close of proceedings and we will continue first thing tomorrow morning.


Richard Truell of Fine Gael speaks about the need to build a momentum early on as a newly co-opted councillor;


The National Overview so far shows Fianna Fail with 21 seats – Fine Gael with 10 – The Green party has 8 – Labour has taken 3 – the Social Democrats and Sinn Fein both have 1 – and Independents have 5.

We are still waiting for an announcement here in Monaghan, with the first candidate set to be elected shortly after 10pm.


13 constituencies including Monaghan have now voted overwhelmingly to lift restrictions on divorce.


First count is expected to be announced here in Monaghan in the next hour at approximately 10pm.

With that, a large crowd is beginning to gather ahead of any possible announcement.

You can keep up with our coverage throughout the night and again tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter.


Local TD and Minister Heather Humphreys has defended Fine Gael when it comes to their policies and plans for tackling climate change. Based on the obvious move towards candidates and parties that are focusing on the environment Minister Humphreys has been asked whether the government is out of touch.

However, speaking at the Monaghan count centre in Threemilehouse she has stated that Fine Gael are tackling the issue;

She went on to talk about what she was met with at the doors during canvassing with local election candidates. Despite the concerns over healthcare and services in the Region Minister Humphreys says that was not something she heard regularly at doors;


Fine Gael candidate Fiona McCaffrey Jones has conceded defeat in the Monaghan MD;


Mixing and sorting of ballot papers are still continuing here in Monaghan and it’s expected that the first round of results to be announced tonight, shortly after 9pm.


As votes continue to be counted here in Monaghan, tensions are building in the Leisure Complex in Threemilehouse.

Early polls read well for current Sinn Féin Councillor Colm Carthy who was co-opted on to the the local authority in 2014.

He spoke to us about his campaign and ruled out any possibility of running for the Dáil in the future;


Local Fine Gael Minister Heather Humphreys gave us her views on her parties performance in both Cavan – Monaghan and on a national level.

Minister Humphreys also gave us her view on the possibility of a General Election before the end of 2019;


Initial polls indicate that Carrickmacross – Castleblayney candidate Conan Connolly may miss out on a seat. The Green Party Candidate has stated that he is pleased with the figures as it is his first time to contest a local election.

Speaking about his campaign and the apparent Green surge that is sweeping across certain parts of the country he had this to say;


Counties Cavan and Monaghan have had their say on the Divorce Referendum, READ MORE:


The results in the Divorce Referendum for County Monaghan;


Votes being mixed here at Threemilehouse in County Monaghan ahead of Count 1.


Local Political Analyst Brian Carroll chatting to Northern Sound ahead of the first count here at Threemilehouse in County Monaghan, he gave us his predictions as we get closer to finding out who will get elected and who will miss out;


Some of the rejected votes from County Monaghan in the divorce referendum.

Returning officer Bernie Smith examining the doubtful votes in the divorce referendum.pic.twitter.com/CqDvUsxtFI


The focus has now turned to the Divorce Referendum as staff begin to count votes here in Threemilehouse.


Local Sinn Fein TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin feels gaining additional seats locally in Monaghan may not be something within reach this time round.

Deputy Ó Caoláin is at the Count Centre at Threemilehouse in monaghan today where the tallies are continuing to be finalized. Already many of the sitting councilors throughout the Northern Sound Region look set to keep their seats, however, as many hopefuls have commented it Is still early days.

However, despite the high figures supporting Sinn Fein in Monaghan Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin is not sure they will claim any extra seats this weekend ;


Full break down of the tally for Ballybay/Clones MD pic.twitter.com/rVtK1auuuj


Final tally in the Carrickmacross-Castleblayney MD shows SF Colm Carthy topping the poll #le19 pic.twitter.com/mOdaXmHHHM


Final tally for Ballybay-Clones shows FF’s Seamus Coyle well above the expected quota:

Monaghan Update: Clones-Ballybay Final Tally Results pic.twitter.com/OuYwA5y4tr


Final tally for the #Monaghan MD. Sinn Fein’s Cathy Bennett topping the poll pic.twitter.com/U8EWLX9zGr


Independent candidate Hughie McElvaney is quietly confident of re-election


Tallies are still ongoing here in Threemilehouse, with the full tally expected in the next hour or so.

Sinn Féin seem to be having a good day but it’s looking like the five sitting Councillors could be returned in Ballybay-Clones with it unlikely first time candidate Rosie Smyth O’Harte has built up enough of a base to pull her over the line.

There’s an interesting fight in the Monaghan MD, with Sinn Féin pushing to get it’s four candidates elected, including first timer Cat Moen but it remains to be seen if their legendary vote management will do the job.

Fine Gael may have enough votes to bring two of its candidates across the line, with sitting David Maxwell expected to win the lion’s share for the party.

In Carrick-Blayney, the five sitting Councillors look likely to be returned, with a fight between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil likely for the remaining seat.


Sorting of ballots still ongoing here in Threemilehouse. Full tally expected shortly #le19 #monaghan pic.twitter.com/LxvxUi0jbY


Hughie McElvaney who is running as an independent this time round states that he was always confident going as an independent;

And hopeful Fine Gael candidate for the Ballybay Clones area is Sean Gilliland, and he has been speaking about what he was met with at the doors during his campaign;

Robbie Gallagher admits exit polls were disappointing for Fianna Fail.

Read more here:

10.15am: Fine Gael candidate in the Ballybay – Clones MD Seán Gilliland is predicting a tight race in his respective voting area. He also says the issues brought up during his campaign were mostly issues effecting local people.

Councillor Gilliland was co-opted on to the Ballybay-Clones Municipal District after Eva Humphreys stepped down from her position in November 2018.


Early tallies indicating a strong start for both Mairead McGuinness (FG) and Matt Carthy (SF) in the race for the European Parliament.

Here’s a reminder of the names on the ballet of the hopeful local and European candidates in County Monaghan today



Election hopefuls here in Monaghan are arriving in Threemilehouse as ballot boxes are now being opened and being counted by Tally people.

You can keep up with our coverage throughout the day on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll have updates as the results as results come in here in County Monaghan.


Boxes are open here at the Count Centre in Threemilehouse. Tally men are keeping an eye on ballots as the boxes are open and we expect a rough overview in the next few minutes.

Stay with us on Northern Sound. We’ll have live updates on our website and on air throughout the day.