Local councillor says people forced out of Monaghan villages because of lack of affordable and social housing

A local councillor says people are being forced out of villages in Monaghan because of a lack of affordable and social housing in those areas.

PJ O’Hanlon claimed that houses haven’t been built in rural villages in the county in 40 years and this was pushing people into towns.

He says people are afraid to put their names down for a house in a village because it will mean they won’t get one and this is seeing the population of these areas decrease.

There were calls from all councillors for more housing developments with many citing shortages in their areas, as well as calls for more applications for funding to be submit to the department.

Chief Executive, Eamon O’Sullivan, confirmed that they had reached their targets for social housing previously and more applications would be completed.

Speaking to Shannonside northern Sound councillor O’Hanlon said they needed to strike a balance: