Local litter league scores impacted by bring banks and clothing banks

Areas around bring banks and clothing banks have had an impact on local litter league scores.

The latest IBAL litter survey results have been released and show Monaghan town has climbed 13 places to be considered “Cleaner than European Norms”.

It placed 9th out of 40 towns and cities around the country, with the report saying a number of sites around the town are top ranking, with the rest moderately littered.

Meanwhile a former winner in the league, Cavan, retained its “Clean to European Norms” status with 18th place in the rankings.

Speaking to Northern Sound, Tony Prunty, chair of the Cavan Tidy Towns group says that amall areas can make a huge difference to scores:

Conor Horgan from Irish Business against Litter explained Cavan’s result.

Meanwhile Emer Brennan who’s chair of the Monaghan Tidy towns Committee says that while they’ve climbed significantly in the league, they still have to focus on problem areas: