Local plumber and haulage company are on the latest list of tax defaulters

A local plumber and a haulage company are among those on the latest Revenue list of tax defaulters.

Over €14 million in settlements were made with Revenue between January and March of this year.


Hauliers Marron Transport of Bocks, Carrickmacross has a final Revenue bill of over €330,000 (€333,329.55) for the underdeclaration of VAT, which was discovered following an investigation by the tax authority.

Plumber Cillian Dolan of 49 Alderwood in Carrickmacross owes almost €60,000 (€59,018.00) to Revenue for underdeclaration of income tax and VAT.

They’re among 86 people or companies who reached settlements with Revenue in the first three months of the year.

Meanwhile, fuel distributor and haulier Gavin Vallely, formerly of the Dublin Road in Cavan, has had a penalty of almost €400,000 (€398,423.00) imposed by the Courts, for the underdeclaration of VAT and excise duty.

With the original tax amount included, his total bill is now over €1.1 million (€1,116,568.53).

Four locals were fined for the misuse of green diesel, with three more receiving prison sentences of varying severity after being convicted of oil laundering by the Courts.