Local Property Tax will remain unchanged for people in Cavan

The Local Property Tax will remain unchanged for people in Cavan for the coming year despite some opposition.

A motion to increase the LPT was tabled at this month’s Cavan County Council meeting was defeated yesterday.

The members of the executive of Cavan County Council yesterday issued a suggestion to councillors that a 15% increase should be applied to the LPT for the coming year.
Acting Chief Executive Eoin Doyle stated that in order to allow for a larger budget for the coming year, which he said would allow for works and greater funding for communities and local projects throughout the county an increase of 15% was appropriate.
This would have seen 97% of property owners pay an extra euro a week on top of their current LPT.
There was silence in the chamber as no-one proposed the increase, nor did they counter propose an alternative, and Cathaoirleach Shane P O’Reilly adjourned the meeting to allow parties to discuss the issue.
Following this the motion to increase the LPT was proposed by Fine Gael’s Winston Bennett, and seconded by Peter McVitty, and supported by all Fine Gael councillors.
However, on behalf of Fianna Fail, Councillor John Paul Feeley stated that their mandate was always to reduce LPT leading to all Fianna Fail councillors opposing the motion.
The motion was defeated when Sinn Fein’s Paddy McDolnald, Aontu’s Sarah O’Reilly, and Independent Brendan Fay also opposed the motion meaning the LPT will remain the same.