Local reporter in Hong Kong says those occupying University fear consequences of standing down

A local reporter in Hong Kong says those still occupying the Polytechnic University fear the consequences of standing down.

Last week thousands of activists sought to block major roads by occupying a number of universities in the territory to put pressure on the government.

However, the siege has now been limited to the Polytechnic University with demonstrators engaging in non-peaceful protests, arming themselves with bricks, petrol bombs, and arrows.

Police have deployed tear gas, and live bullets, with hundreds of protesters already said to have been arrested after abandoning the demonstration.

Aaron McNicholas, a reporter in Hong Kong originally from Scotshouse, says the extradition bill was simply the spark for those unhappy with the system of law and governance in Hong Kong and China.

Speaking on The Joe Finnegan Show this morning from Hong Kong, he stated those who remain in the University are in fear of the consequences should they voluntarily surrender: