Manor Farm in County Cavan to be sold to Swedish firm

Ireland’s largest chicken processor is to be bought by a Swedish Company.

Manor Farm based in Shercock, County Cavan is one of the country’s oldest businesses and employs over 850 people.

‘Scandi Standard’ is to purchase the company, involving an initial payment of around €70 million, which includes settlement of debt.


CEO of Manor Farm Vincent Carton has said that this sale means that Manor Farm can now be much more than the Carton Family could ever have made it.

In Denmark and Sweden, Scandi Standard is the number one chicken producers in the market, and Vincent Carton says that the focus of the company is all on local produce.

The Carton Family will now become the largest shareholder in Scandi Standard.

While the sale brings the chicken production business to an end, Vincent Carton says there’s much more coming down the track from the family.