Monaghan Factory named on EPA enforcement list

A Monaghan factory has been named on the EPA’s list of priority sites for environmental standards enforcement.

LacPatrick Dairies in Monaghan town is one of seven industrial sites named for failing to meet the necessary environmental standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agency, for Q4 2017 and Q1 2018.

The EPA has two compliance investigations open with LacPatrick Dairies in relation to breaches of emission limit values in the treated wastewater discharged to the River Blackwater and inadequate measures for the protection of surface water.

The priority sites list aims to make officials aware of issues, and help industrial sites become compliment to environmental regulation.

LacPatrick Dairies had previously been a priority site between Quarter 4 2016 and Quarter 1 2017, they did not appear on the list again until the most recent publication.