Monaghan football manager and his brother on latest list of Revenue tax defaulters

Monaghan Football Manager Seamus McEnaney is among 36 tax defaulters listed by Revenue today.

His brother Francis McEnaney also makes the list, which covers settlements made in quarter three of this year.

Seamus McEnaney, of Corvalley, Carrickmacross, has a total bill of €171,400 (€171,365.32) after a Revenue investigation case.

That’s made up of €103,000 (€102,701.44) in underdeclared income tax, PAYE, PRSI and USC, interest of €38,000 (€37,853.47) and penalties of €31,000 (€30,810.41).

Francis McEnaney, of Edenbrone House, Castleshane, has a total bill of €43,400 (€43,494.35) for the underdeclaration of income tax.

This includes €11,400 (€11,389.48) in interest and €7,400 (€7,408.79) in penalties.

Both men have paid their bills in full.

Settlements totalling €7.9 million were made with Revenue in the third quarter.

Two of the settlements are for more than €1 million, a further five cases are for more than half a million.

Names are published when voluntary disclosure options are not taken up and the default arises because of ‘careless or deliberate behaviour.’

You can see the full list of tax defaulters here.