Monaghan Zone Indoor Bowls fixtures

Upcoming League Fixtures

Division 1.

Date                            Home v          Away

Thur     12/01/2017      Latton White v Cootehill

Thur     12/01/2017      Seans Saffron v Clontibret White

Thur     12/01/2017      Madden Red v Clontibret Saffron

Tues     17/01/2017      Ballybay Maroon v Latton White #

Tues     17/01/2017      Cootehill v Madden Red

Tues     17/01/2017      Drum v Clontibret White

Thur     19/01/2017      Seans Saffron v Clontibret Saffron


Division 2.

Date                           Home v          Away

Thur     12/01/2017      Knockbride v Latton Blue

Sat       14/01/2017      Derryvalley v Roslea Green

Sun      15/01/2017      Ardaghey Green v Muckno Green

Sun      15/01/2017      Ardaghey Blue v Roslea White

Thur     19/01/2017      Roslea White v Latton Blue

Thur     19/01/2017      Muckno Green v Knockbride

Sun      22/01/2017      Ardaghey Blue v Derryvalley

Sun      22/01/2017      Ardaghey Green v Roslea Green


Division 3.

Date                           Home v          Away

Thur     12/01/2017      Seans White v Aghabog

Thur     12/01/2017      St Michaels v Drung

Tues     17/01/2017      Rockcorry Green v Drung

Tues     17/01/2017      Ballybay White v Seans White

Thur     19/01/2017      Keady v St Michaels

Thur     19/01/2017      Tyholland Red v Aghabog


Division 4.

Date                           Home v          Away

Thur     12/01/2017      Madden Blue v Middletown

Thur     12/01/2017      Tyholland White v Rockcorry White

Sun      15/01/2017      Derrynoose Blue v Muckno Gold

Sun      15/01/2017      Derrynoose White v Scotshouse

Tues     17/01/2017      Glaslough v Rockcorry White

Thur     19/01/2017      Tyholland White v Madden Blue

Sun      22/01/2017      Derrynoose White v Middletown

Sun      22/01/2017      Derrynoose Blue v Scotshouse


Men’s Inter-Zone ‘Boomer Cup’

The following Men have been picked to play Oriel this Saturday 14th January in Corduff at 2pm. Players are asked to be in hall for 1:30pm. Dress code; Black Trousers, Zone Top and Bowling Shoes. Zone Zippy optional. Any player unable to attend please let Stanley Carleton know ASAP.


Player                         Club

Sean Hughes               Clontibret

Sean Hughes (Tir)       Clontibret

M Trainor                    Clontibret

M Óg Trainor              Clontibret

P McSkeane                Clontibret

M McSkeane               Clontibret

B Óg Magennis           Clontibret

S Magennis                 Clontibret

B Magennis                 Clontibret

G Moen                       Clontibret

S Smith                       Latton

S West                         Latton

J West                         Latton

S Lennon                     Latton

S Winters                    Latton

F Farmer                      Latton

S Carleton                   Drum

G Berry                       Drum

G Dunwoody              Drum

F McCabe Jnr              Seans

A Ritchie                     Seans

P McElvaney               Seans

F McGuirk                  Ardaghey

P Greenan                   Ardaghey

D McDonnell              Ardaghey

P Corvan                     Madden

C Deering                    Madden

M Hamilton                 Cootehill

G Martin                     Ballybay

P McKenna                 Roslea

G O’ Connor               Roslea


Dates for the Diary: January

Jan 13th: Ladies Pairs & Junior Singles.

Jan 14th: Men’s Inter-Zone Quarter-Final, Oriel v Monaghan, in Corduff @ 2pm.

Jan 20th: Zone 8’s Competition, St. Macartan’s College Sports Hall.

Jan 21st: Ladies Inter-Zone Quarter-Final, Monaghan v Western (away)

Jan 27th: Monaghan Zone Finals Night, St. Macartan’s College Sports Hall.


Upcoming Tournaments

Latton Pairs: Jan 12th. Contact Pete West 0871351307.

St. Mark’s Portadown Pairs: Jan 12th. Contact Pauline Beattie 00447921508878.

Derryvalley FUN Pairs: Jan 23rd – 26th. Contact Nan Bradford 087 7929957.

Kilcurry Pairs: Jan 12th. Contact Eamonn Bennett 086 2392490.

Clabby Pairs: Jan 16th, 18th, 19th & 20th. Contact Tanya Armstrong 00447704034828.

Mullaghdun Singles: Jan 30th, Feb 1st, 3rd & 4th. Contact Niall Cox 00447834549312.

COA Singles: Jan 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st & 23rd. Contact Patricia Moohan 00447732987874.