Mother and Baby Home survivor says redress scheme could help ‘put a lid on horrible things that have happened’

A survivor of Mother and Baby Homes says she was “counting down the days” until the publication of today’s report, despite being “fearful” of what she might learn.

Survivors of mother and baby homes are being briefed this afternoon on the findings from the Commission of Investigation.

Samantha Long, an adoptee from St Patrick’s Mother and Baby Home in Dublin, says the report will offer closure and she is “looking forward to moving on with her life”.

The Commission of Investigation’s work looked at 18 homes and is expected to show 9,000 children died in the institutions – a mortality rate 4 times that of the general population.

The Taoiseach will issue a state apology tomorrow and there have been calls for a redress scheme to be made available.

Ms Long told Shannonside Northern Sound that survivors “deserve their day in the sun” and added that a financial compensation scheme could help “put a lid on horrible things that happened”: