Over 600 Enterprise Ireland jobs created locally last year, but “hard Brexit” will affect over 25,000

25,000 jobs here could be affected by a ‘hard Brexit’. That’s the warning from Enterprise Ireland, which has identified 600 Irish companies most vulnerable to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. It comes as over 600 jobs were created in Enterprise Ireland supported companies. 334 were created in Cavan and 290 in Monaghan.

Enterprise Ireland is celebrating its best ever year. It now has 215,207 people working in companies it supports right across the country. Indeed the state agency is keen to point out that 60 per cent of the nearly 19,000 new jobs created last year were outside Dublin. But Brexit is a big fear for many of these firms. Enterprise Ireland has identified 600 companies it says are most vulnerable to the UK’s leaving the EU.

74 million euro in funding has been given to firms as they get ready for whatever happens come march 29th. Julie Sinnamon, Chief Executive of Enterprise Ireland, says thousands of jobs would be impacted by a no deal Brexit: She hopes setting up offices in Germany, the USA and Australia could open new markets post Brexit.