Planning permission refused for human crematorium in Broomfield

Planning permission has been refused for a human crematorium in Broomfield.

A petition with 250 local signatures was among the 150 pages of submissions lodged against the application.

Olive Cunningham was seeking permission to construct a human crematorium at Aghnafarcan, Broomfield, as part of the same complex as a previously approved but undeveloped pet crematorium.

The local residents association opposed the plans, for reasons such as the traffic it would bring to the area, and its close proximity to the local primary school.

Monaghan County Council refused permission for the application on three grounds.

It said that given the proposed nature and scale of the business, there was no reason for it to be located in rural countryside, and wouldn’t be of benefit to the local economy.

It added that the applicant failed to demonstrate how traffic volumes and congestion on the L1441 road would be managed, or how it wouldn’t endanger others on the road.

The third point of refusal was that the planning authority wasn’t satisfied that proper treatment of odours and air emissions would be carried out, and that it could be prejudicial to public health.