Power restored to almost all houses in the region

Power has been restored to almost all houses in Cavan and Monaghan following Storm Ophelia.

On Monday at the peak of the storm, over 5,000 homes in the region were without electricity.  17 homes in Redhills are still in the dark, but power is expected to be restored by 5pm this evening.  16 homes in Oldcastle will also have their power restored by 8.30 this morning.

Meanwhile, all roads in the region have been cleared of fallen trees, however heavy fog around the region this morning means motorists need to take care.  Drivers are been warned of reduced visibility, and are being urged to use fog lights in affected areas but turn them off afterwards.

National outlook

130-thousand ESB customers are still without power this morning after storm Ophelia.  Repair crews have been working round the clock since winds knocked out supplies on Monday.

Three people died in gusts that hit 190 kmph – the biggest storm to hit Ireland in over 50 years.  With another storm due to make landfall this weekend the clock is ticking to get people back on the grid.  Bernadine Maloney is from the ESB.