PSNI aware of images of masked men “patrolling” roads near Wattlebridge

Police in the North say they’re aware of images of masked men “patrolling” roads in rural Fermanagh.

Pictures emerged recently of two armed men walking along a road near Wattlebridge, close to the Monaghan-Cavan border.

The images show two masked men holding handguns, and it’s believed they are members of the Continuity IRA.

Wattlebridge was the scene of a bomb explosion last August, where PSNI had been responding to reports of a hoax device.

The Continuity IRA claimed responsibility for the security alert, where it’s believed the hoax device was placed in an effort to lure police and the army bomb disposal crew to the area before detonating a real bomb.

A Police spokesperson told Shannonside Northern Sound News that they’re aware of media coverage but no reports of suspicious activity have been reported in the area.

Investigations are ongoing, and anyone with information is asked to contact PSNI in Enniskillen or the Crimestoppers hotline.