Public consultation this evening on Community CCTV Scheme in Monaghan Town

A public consultation is taking place this evening on a proposed Community CCTV Scheme in Monaghan Town.

There are 17 proposed locations, and a camera would be pointed in each direction at the locations.

Two automated number plate recognition cameras will also be erected, one on Glaslough St, and one at the Margaret Skinnider Roundabout.

The scheme was held up due to a national issue concerning who would control the data recorded by the cameras.

However, this has now been resolved, with Monaghan County Council agreeing to act as the Data Controller.

Subject to approval, the system will be fully operational before the summer.

The public consultation takes place between 7pm and 9pm in the Market House, but submissions can be made to Monaghan County Council until Friday, 21st February.