QIH to seek return of company cars

Sean Quinn will be asked to by Quinn Industrial Holdings to stay away from his old businesses and to return two company cars, according to the Sunday Independent.

The company’s management reached a decision last week to write to Mr Quinn after he was openly observed visiting the Cavan company’s cement plant in Ballyconnell last week and its quarries across the Border in Derrylin the previous week.

The management team, who once worked for Mr Quinn, are expected to ask him to keep his distance, according to company sources, given the local tensions sparked by the attack on one of its executives, Kevin Lunney.

Meanwhile, the company is also expected to ask Mr Quinn to return an Audi A6 and an older Range Rover which it claims are company property.

The relationship between Sean Quinn and his old management team has become increasingly strained since the attack on QIH executive Mr Lunney, which Mr Quinn has repeatedly condemned.