Quinn Industrial Holdings Executives told of serious and credible threats to their lives

Five executives of Quinn Industrial Holdings have been told that there is a serious and credible threat to their lives.

QIH Executive Kevin Lunney was kidnapped and tortured just over a month ago and was found by the roadside in a serious condition near Cornafean in Cavan.

Several other executives have since been officially notified by both the Gardaí and PSNI about serious threats against them.

Last week, Dara O’Reilly, Tony Lunney, and John McCartin were served with a Garda Information Message – these are issued to individuals against whom there is a serious and credible threat of violence.

The company’s CEO, Liam McCaffrey, received a similar warning from the PSNI.

John McCartin says it has been difficult to articulate to his children why there is this campaign against himself and other directors: