Scholarship to encourage boys racers off public roads with their dangerous maneuvers in Cavan and Monaghan

A scholarship to a local rally school could potentially be available through Monaghan County Council as part of a proposal to combat dangerous driving.

Tyre marks appearing on Cavan and Monaghan roads suggest boy racers ‘drifting’, performing ‘doughnuts’, and other reckless driving have returned.

Councillor Pat Treanor has been seeking alternative off road sites where they could engage in these activities in a safe and controlled way and gain an education on the risks involved. At a recent Joint Policing Committee Meeting he proposed they investigate the possibility of a scholarship to ease the expense of the local rally school to young drivers, taking them off the public roads.

However, Councillor Paudge Connolly has raised concerns that they could be rewarding bad behaviour.

The JCP are currently investigating the proposal and Councillor Treanor is hopeful it will eventually come before Monaghan County Council in the coming months.